Tweaks to the 020 route, including the introduction of an 020X service, will occur in February. These tweaks were proposed a few months back, in response to some complaints about the severance of links between Freemans Bay and K Road.

The current and proposed routes are shown below: The route is a bit more higgledy-piggledy – which is never ideal. However, importantly this route will be supplemented by a faster 020X bus at peak times that will travel via Hopetoun Road: Here’s what Auckland Transport has said about the feedback they got on the proposed changes:

Between 14 October and 4 November 2011, Auckland Transport carried out a consultation process on proposed changes to the 020 bus service, and you indicated that you would like to be informed of the results of the consultation.

The proposed changes included:

(a) diverting the current 020 route via Howe St, K Rd and Vincent St, to restore a link to K Rd;

(b) converting five morning and five evening peak trips to 020 Express trips (020X) which would run via the Hopetoun St Bridge; and

(c) reinstating the start and finish of the route at the Westmere shops (on Garnet Rd, near Oban Rd and Faulder Ave).

339 people provided submissions via the feedback form (online and hardcopy). 74% supported or strongly supported the proposed changes, while 21% did not support or strongly did not support the proposal.

Given the strong level of support for the proposed changes, Auckland Transport now plans to make the route changes through Freemans Bay and introduce the 020X Express as outlined in the proposal. These changes are likely to be implemented in February 2012.

At this stage, the issue of the Westmere terminus location needs to be investigated further. A solution needs to be found that balances the impacts on local residents, the needs of bus users and takes into consideration traffic safety issues. Auckland Transport is working with the bus operator (NZ Bus) to resolve this issue. Once a final decision has been made people providing feedback will be notified of that decision.

The actual date that changes are to be implemented will be advertised at least two weeks in advance.

Hopefully the proposed changes will help both ensure that peak time travellers get a faster trip, but also that off-peak travellers who have a bit more time, are better served in terms of convenience.

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  1. Good work on sending the buses back to the Westmere shops AT!

    It’s one thing to walk 400-800m to catch a bus, it’s another thing to make people walk an EXTRA 400m on top of that for no good reason.

    Good on them for reversing an obviously stupid mistake.

    1. Geoff, they still haven’t resolved the Westmere terminus issue – “At this stage, the issue of the Westmere terminus location needs to be investigated further.” It is nutty that the buses are parked up at the end of Dorset St. It is really difficult for motorists to see around the bus parked on the corner.

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