I must say I was a bit disappointed when I found out that Auckland Transport wouldn’t be publishing a timetable for the Outer Link bus service, which begins this Sunday. While not having a timetable encourages “turn up and go” use of the service, at a bus every 15 minutes I think its frequencies are somewhat pushing the limit of proper ‘turn up and go’. Things should work a bit better for the Inner Link, which will run every 10 minutes.

All the Outer Link’s timetable has is this:

And this information on the frequencies: While there’s no published timetable, if you dig through the MAXX website you do find all the arrival times for the service at each stop along its route, if you change the date to August 22nd or beyond. This has enabled me to construct the Monday-Friday timetable for the service. You can download the timetable here in Excel format, or view over the break.

For anti-clockwise services:

 And for clockwise services:

 There’s a bit of an issue with the afternoon clockwise service, which generates a half hour gap between buses at one point (Universities between 4 and 4.30pm) but I’ve raised that with Auckland Transport and they’re working on it.

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  1. I hope it works well. They need to make clear the links with other transport, and emphasise the HOP benefits. Actually, I’m still unclear about what HOP means for transfers between buses….

  2. Thanks so much admin
    But I can’t help wondering that the reason no timetable was published was so that it is easier for NZ Bus to get away with late running or non existant services.

  3. I think it is more likely that there is a greater chance of “bus bunching” with this wider circuit, although you would hope that part of the contract agreement involves realtime GPS monitoring or at least an audit at certain stops that the 15 minute frequency is being achieved.

    Another reason that there mightn’t be a published timetable is that it makes it easier to add an additional bus or two. I agree, 15 mins is not a “turn up and go” frequency but perhaps they are underselling it at this point, a la Dominion Rd.

    1. Yes, absolutely. After this has run a couple of weeks they need to get people out and have them time the buses going past all day, to see just how bunched this gets. Agree with PBY that realtime signs will make things better – even if you end up waiting 30 minutes, at least you’ll know when it’s coming (that is, if they’re at all accurate – those for the current inner-city bus seem to have very little correlation with reality).

  4. Does the half hour later start on sundays and public holidays really make that much difference?
    In the spirit of having a simpler system couldnt they have the same timetable every day of the year?

    I like the look of the outer LINK, with real time info on signs the lack of time table shouldnt be too much of an issue.

  5. Its not an comfortable thing to wait 15min in a chill day. On saying that, buses hardly on time during peak hours. You can have 2-3 bus at the same time, then wait for at least 15-20min for a fully pack one pass by.

  6. The Orbiter in Christchurch (circles the suburbs surrounding the CBD but doesn’t go into town) is similar – runs about every 10-15mins if I recall correctly. It has a timetable but I found that it wasn’t uncommon for two of them to turn up at the same bus stop at the same time – meaning that the next ones didn’t come for ages. Sometimes the buses would stand at a stop for 5mins to try to keep to time. I’m not sure if they’ve improved since I left Christchurch though! Hopefully the outer link has better spacing.

  7. It’s a good start, but more buses are needed. better frequencies than the 007, but one every 7-10 minutes would even be better.

    Interesting that they mention the “link with trains”, as there are only two stops next to a train station.

    Simon – Similar to the Christchurch MetroCard? they have a maximum per day fare cap and per week fare cap on all routes?

  8. I’m not looking forward to this change, I know I might soung crazy, but licing right on ponsonby rd, I had a link bus stop right outside my house and dropped me off right outside AUT where I work, now I have to walk a few minutes down the road to a bus that’s gooing to go through city center, yay traffic! I thought the current system is better and they just needed to increase bus numbers and if they wanted create a whole new outer link system, and not change the current links route! Thats me of course, as it is now its perfect for my home and work situation, the system changing just takes it that couple of steps below perfect, still good i suppose but not the perfect im used to. And don’t get me started on the dump HOP card system, try waiting in line to get off the bus during peak time and half the bus is getting off with you, nice job council increase embark and disembark times exponentially (lol) – One scan that should be it!

    1. @Dan The change makes the bus far more direct for people going from Ponsonby to Newmarket (which was painful under the old LINK) although I do agree, given that the route is shorter the frequencies should have been improved. In fact they were cut from 10 minutes to 15 minutes on Saturdays. Another option for you would be to catch the Inner LINK to Karangahpae Rd and walk from there.

  9. That is a problem regarding the time table – but what about the fact that from Dominion road to New Market cost me the full fare. Whats the point? just make it a flat rate.

  10. Brilliant! As a newcomer to Auckland who’s house-hunting, it really helps to know how long it takes to get from one area to another. Thank you so much for punblishing this – you’ve saved me much time and confusion. Cheers!

  11. Hi does anyone know how long it takes to get form Newmarket to mt Eden shops at like 4 in the afternoon the timetabel says but some times it takes longer due to traffic and stuff

  12. Timetable? What are you guys talking about? NZders don’t know what this word means. Auckland Transport is a waste of time. I have to take the inner link bus to work, the buses often don’t turn up for up to 30 min, and/or turn up 2-3 buses at once. So what is the point of those stops where they have to wait ‘a few minutes’ to be on time. On time where? and when you ring MAXX, they aren’t responsible and don’t know anything, what is the point of having that kinda customer support, can anybody tell?

    The hop cards :)) it’s a laugh, NZ stills other countries ideas, but implements it to rip off their own people.

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