1. My parents went to the protest. You can (just) see my mother in the photo on the TV3 site at the link. They’re happy to drive on other motorways… they’re just opposed to one bypassing their own town.

    They had dozens of balloons showing the height of junctions. Apparently they blew close to the overhead wires at the new railway station and the police had to rush in to stop the angry pensioners electrocuting themselves.

  2. The seem to be protesting against the wrong person – they’re supposed to be protesting against Steven Joyce, not Stephen Joyce.

  3. I saw a “Sandhills Expressway NO WAY” bumper sticker on a car driving on the Johnsonville-Porirua Motorway today. So it’s only some 4 lane motorways they object to I guess, but not all of them. So when they lose their battle I assume they will quite happily reap the benefits of defeat.

    1. My parents phoned me the evening of the protest to tell me that they’d had a lot of fun, avoided electrocution, and to watch out for them on the news. They did mention that they’d driven there even though there is a bus stop about 30m from their house that will take them all the way to the station without changing and which they can use for free because they’re old. Go figure.

      I tried to explain to Mum that if previous generations of Nimbyites had successfully opposed new roads then their frequent trips in to Wellington would use the Paekakariki Hill road that she remembers traveling on as a girl and then back roads through Tawa, Johnsonville, and Ngaio. But like your bumper sticker people they use the motorway.

  4. He! I know the person who came up with that – was part of Jan Logie’s campaign for Mana originally. If you look very closely you can see a little Green Party logo and authorization down in the corner 🙂

  5. the Kapiti expressway is certainly no Wellington or Auckland urban motorway when it comes to negative effects.
    However it will still put a very obvious split between the inland and coastal areas of Kapiti so people still have very good cause to complain and we shouldn’t be attacking them for doing so.
    My concern is more that its a waste of money because the Western Link road cost a quarter of the amount and would take a large proportion of the traffic of the choke points, largely the Waikanae Bridge. Also it would have been under construction now, if not partially open. When required this would be upgraded to an expressway standard gradually.

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