What DART? I hear you say. Surely he means Project DART? But no, I am referring to Auckland’s least know public transport provider; Dial A Ride Transport. You may have seen one of these around town:

Dial A Ride Transport was established in 1982 to provide on demand, door to door disability transport services.

They currently operate a fleet of 18 vehicles of various sizes which can cater to various disabilities, carrying passengers in safety and comfort. Vehicles can carry between 5 and 14 people and the drivers are trained in using the specialised equipment.

The system does not operate on a “route” basis but as the name suggests customers call up and book transport at a certain time. The service is in hot demand and it can be hard to make a same day booking. Services are available Monday to Friday from 0730 to 1700.

The service is subsidised by ARTA and I am personally proud to live in a city that believes this is an excellent way to spend rates but seen as how the fixed cost of these assets is high, how about some weekend and evening services ARTA?

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