NZTA have announced the details of the Waterview Connection expo to be held over the next couple of weeks. It seems like a lot of further information on the latest alignment will be unveiled at this expo: I must say this does seem to be a rather strange way to undertake consultation with the community. Usually there are “Open Days” where people drop by for half an hour or so, have a look at plans, ask various experts particular questions that concern them and so forth. I must say it would take a pretty dedicated Waterview Connection enthusiast to sit through all seven hours of the expo. I wonder why NZTA has chosen this kind of format?

I might be able to get along to the March 13th session, although even a transport nerd like myself would struggle to sit through seven hours of the thing.

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  1. Maybe they are suckers for punishment and want 7 hours of the fantastic Tunnel or Nothing people cussing at them…

  2. “Tunnel or Nothing people”

    Mmmh, they seem to get their wish, don’t they? Hope they will still keep at it, pushing for mitigation and fringe benefit projects.

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