Wow it’s been a busy couple of days. I will write more soon, but for now just a few photos of the upgrades happening at Avondale and New Lynn. Photos taken today:


The works at Avondale are to lower the track and relocate the station. The current station is located at the top of a bit of a hill, and is also on a bend, but worst of all is utterly uselessly located for people actually at the Avondale shops. Although the eventual new station will be located at Crayford Street (pretty much straight down the tracks as seen from the last photo) a temporary station (away from the bulk of the works) has been built a long way away to the left of all the photos I took today. I’ll try to get a few shots of the temporary station in the next while.


2008-12-26043 2008-12-26044

New Lynn

As you can see there are some pretty major works going on at New Lynn, largely to help with the process of constructing the large New Lynn trench. Eventually the railway tracks will drop about 6m down below street level, so the horrific roundabout will be eliminated and the two sides of New Lynn joined much more effectively. It’s a pretty huge project, but it does seem like good progress is being made.








After taking those photos, Leila and I continued out to Titirangi Beach, where I don’t actually think I’ve ever been before. It turned out to be a very pleasant little beach indeed – and we spend a few hours just lazing around reading books. After that we headed off to the cricket match, which I think I’ll write about tomorrow.

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