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This is in many ways is the biggest jump. However, it’s really seven years away, so it’s the longest time period covered, and shows the completion of a whole lot of projects that are at least in the planning stage already. We think of these as Unlocking the Core and Accessing the Suburbs:

  1. The City Rail Link; the ‘Killer App’ for unlocking capacity and value in the rail network, and all the improvements we have invested in on the whole rail network this century.
  2. Two relatively cheap and easy rail network extensions: The Mt Roskill branch line and electrification to Pukekohe, and new stations to serve planned new housing in the south.
  3. Extensions to each end of the Northern Busway: from the new bus lanes on Customs St up the Central Connector through the University, the Hospital, Grafton Station and the adjacent new Uni Campus, and on to Newmarket. And in the north: extension from Constellation Station to Albany and three new stations to serve the expanding suburbs there.
  4. Forms of high quality bus priority on Great North Rd through Grey Lynn, and up the North Western motorway all the way to Westgate. This may not be completely grade separate all the way, but will include proper new stations to connect with new bus services on the Frequent Network.
  5. The Upper Harbour Bus Line, running from Henderson Station up Lincoln Rd, to Westgate, and across to connect with the Northern Busway at Constellation on SH18, with new stations.
  6. Further south, the extension of the AMETI project, past Panmure along the Mt Wellington Highway on dedicated lanes to link with Ellerslie Station, and looping the other way down to Botany and on to Manukau City and the Southern Line at Puhinui.

Click here for a PDF document of the 2020 Congestion Free Network.