Every day, we’re working to deliver better transport and urban outcomes for New Zealand. We’ve run or collaborated on a number of campaigns, from the very small (like encouraging people to submit on a local council proposal) to the very large. Some of our major campaigns are outlined below.

The Congestion Free Network is our flagship campaign. It lays out a programme for investment in high quality rapid transit across Auckland, to give the city a network it can be proud of. We’ve shown how this could be staged realistically, what it would cost, and how much money the city can save by building the CFN and cutting back on some low-value roading projects.

The government’s Puhoi to Wellsford Road of National Significance is an extremely poor value project, spending hundreds of millions for little gain. It has an estimated Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR) of just 0.4, and gives limited safety improvements to users of the existing highway. Operation Lifesaver is our alternative – a much cheaper upgrade to the existing highway, aimed at reducing crashes and improving the road’s utility.

Although Shoreites have some access to rapid transit with the very successful Northern Busway, they’ll eventually need more. We’re looking at Rail to the North Shore as part of our Congestion Free Network, and as an alternative to a very costly, very low-value tunnel for cars only.