Recently I noticed that AT often do smaller online consultations all the time, as far as I know these are not shared widely. As a result I have decided to do a post every now and again on all the small consultations that are happening giving people the opportunity to share their thoughts with AT from Crossings to Bus Lanes to Parking. The ones to look out for below are the Mt Eden Road Bus Lanes and the pedestrian improvement consultations.

Please take a look through and complete the AT online consultation forms where you can, also don’t forget to consult on the three major cycle consultations in Westhaven, Herne Bay & Parnell talked about on the blog here, as well as the Mt Albert Consultation where cycle lanes are being proposed to be removed from the plan as discussed on the blog here.

Consultations that interested me

  • Mt Eden Rd bus network improvements – Proposal to add Bus Lanes on Mt Eden Road from Roskill Way to Grahame Breed Drive, the New Bus Lanes + some existing ones would be 7-10 & 4-7 from Roskill Way to Mt Albert Road, two signalised crossings will be added for pedestrians & bus stops improved by changing the position and length of some. Closes 18.12.2016
  • Meadowbank Rd and Manapau St – intersection upgrade – Proposal to upgrade the intersection by narrowing the intersection, adding a refuge island, and adding no stopping restrictions. Closes 16.12.2016
  • Ladies Mile, Ellerslie – pedestrian crossing improvements – Adds new footpath, a raise crossing across Ladies Mile nearish the Town Centre & adds some no stopping restrictions. This is my area, personally I think the crossing needs to be at the end as that would better assist those crossing in the Town Centre & another one needs to be added across Main Highway for safer access to the Buses & Train Station. Closes 15.12.2016
  • Hayr Road, Three Kings – pedestrian crossing improvements – Proposal to improve crossing. Closes 15.12.2016
  • Eaglehurst Road, Ranier St, Laud Ave and Gavin Street, Ellerslie – local area traffic management – Proposal to add speed tables & install new speed humps due to complaints of speeding. Closes 13.12.2016
  • View Road, Mt Eden – Pedestrian crossing and intersection improvements – Proposal for Pedestrian Improvements on View Road. Closes 14.12.2016

North Shore Consultations

Central Consultations

West Auckland Consultations

South Auckland Consultations

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  1. Thanks Harriet. As a result of your post I have submitted on the Raines Avenue proposal which I think is a worthwhile change by AT.

  2. Hi Harriet, thanks for bringing these to attention.

    RE: Ellerslie, where about on Main Hwy were you thinking (assuming you mean the north side of the motorway)? I think that Robert St desperately needs a crossing by the pedestrian refuge, however I often cross Main Hwy in the vicinity of the cafe without any issue (even rush hour and walking my dog)…

    On a slightly different tack, I’d be over the moon if they added a few extra crossings. Ellerslie has a lovely village vibe and normally isn’t very busy (traffic wise). If we could dissuade cars from using Main Hwy (entire length) more, that would be great.

    1. In Ellerslie I would like to see the current crossing raised, a raised crossing where the current crossing with the small refuge is close to the station as you mention, one further down on the other end of the town centre, and across the side streets at Ladies Mile, Arthur, Amy & Ramsgate allowing people walking in the town centre full priority to move through it.

      I would also like the turning lanes and flush medians removed, the lanes narrowed to 2.8m, and protected cycle lanes put in till at least Main Highway/EPH Intersection.

      1. RE: Turning lanes – Still need to keep the southbound one into Ramsgate, as that is a heavily used turning for parents using the daycare as well as trade vehicles going to Findlay. Remove the turning lane and drivers may feel preassured into making silly decisions. Just my viewpoint based upon going along that road with my dog at various times of day…

        I like the cycle lane idea.

        Ladies Mile – Very much in need of the proposed changes. Also, it’d be nice if they could do something about the rat-race drivers using the pub car par as a traffic bypass…

    2. I’ve seen it pretty busy through the town often but seems to flow pretty good. A crossing somehow more on the corner near the pedestrian bridge entry/exit point for the train would be good as I see a lot of dodgy pedestrian crossing going on there now esp around the bar/eating time. Right opposite the Laptop Direct shop is perhaps around the corner enough for vehicles to see. I do note the pedestrian refuse right on the corner to access the station stairs etc. Pity can’t close Findlay St easily due to it been one way only?

      ps The Gavin Street area changes look a good idea (I confess to using Eaglehurst Rd as a short cut to avoid speed bumps when accessing or returning from the motorway)

  3. Thanks for that, the View Rd one is round the corner from me. The View/Esplanade intersection is currently insane… wonder why AT hasn’t done a postal drop to let residents know about the consultation?

    1. Hi Shan,
      As I understand it, AT did send out a consultation letter to all residents in the area. I can follow up with our AT liaisons to see what the deal is there but hopefully it’s not a systemic issue.
      But yes, I agree with you the intersection as it stands isn’t exactly what anyone would call safe and this review was instigated by us in the Local Board.

  4. Hi Harriet, thanks for that list. Then additionally, there are the NZTA consultations such as this one for SH16 from Brigham Creek to Waimauku. Absolutely no, nada, nothing about Buses & Public Transport or Cyclists and Pedestrians. The tunnel vision of these guys beggars belief. I will give them credit they are going to consult with the lycra clad road warriors at the Bakehouse Cafe on Sunday but that’s the only credit I can give. What about little Johnny who wants to cycle to Huapai school or workers who want to disengage from carmageddon and use PT to commute to the city? According to NZTA’s world view they do not exist.

  5. Hehe. Nerds like us – I have been doing submissions for Bike Auckland on many of these small ones over the last couple months. Most of the consultations are either about parking/no parking (the eternal Auckland fixation) – or about pedestrian improvements (often not quite best practice, but stiil often worthwile improvements). I wish they had more small tweak bike improvements too…

    1. Thanks Max. You’re a star. Yes, I had a look at some of them, and it seems that some of these parking removals will actually make cars go faster … so while they’re saying that there are currently car crashes on some of these, and by painting the yellow no stopping lines will mean less crashes, it might mean more fatalities in the future, as now cars will go faster… seems a bit small minded and not looking at the whole picture.

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