1. Still a bit of work you could do to speedup the site:

    * Get ride of some of the site meters/analytics. There seem to be at least 3 ( sitemeter, extreme-dm, stats.wordpress ) and I’m not sure about scorecardresearch.

    * Turn up the caching a little for the front page and maybe some of the other pages even for logged in users.

    * Maybe removed the twitter counters from the front page for each article.

    * Increase the expire time for images. 2 days is good but longer is better

    1. Thanks Simon. We’ll take out some unnecessary analytics, and I’ve increased the image expiry time.

      Tried turning on caching even for logged in users, but found that a cached page was being created for every individual users, I think because there is personalised javascript embedded in the source. Not sure what the workaround is. Might look at W3 Total Cache.

      Top tip for mobile users who don’t enter comments on the go – if you clear cookies then pages will load faster on your mobile device, since you will be pulling pages from the cache. If you leave a comment you get tagged as a “known user” and will view non cached pages from then on.

      1. A quick query for the mobile version, which I’m sure gets plenty of use on buses and trains around the city, any way to add/view the ‘recent comments’ feed to this? I’m most interested in debate and it’s hard to follow without it.

    1. Even with the recent upgrade to the jetpack comment extension we are still unable to edit comments like we could when the blog was still on the overseas server.

      Is it possible to bring this functionality back with a new extension (maybe like this one?), or is it more complicated than I think?

      On a more positive note is great to be able to comment without the need to enter a captcha code each time, and I’m sure many users will appreciate integrated services.

  2. Removal of the captcha code has been necessary because the new jetpack commenting system wasn’t allowing any comments. We’ll see how much spam not having captcha generates.

    The edit comment feature was eating up a lot of load time, and contributed to the server failure the other day. Keen to look into ways of enabling comment editing that isn’t so hungry on the speed of the blog operation. So will look into your suggestion.

    1. Thanks for the explanation – I knew it wouldn’t be as simple as it seemed!

      A word of warning on the link I provided – I have never in my life run a wordpress.org blog and have no idea how well that extension works, it just popped up in a quick google search.

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