We are pleased to announce this year’s Greater Auckland Film Night on 7 March at Capitol Cinema screening Why We Cycle.

We have heard great things about this movie from our Dutch correspondents. You can see the trailer here.

You can grab your tickets here.  Those of you who contributed to the down-to-wire Pledge Me campaign should have received your ‘award’ ticket(s) by email. Because so many tickets have been allocated pre-sale, you will want to get your ticket ASAP. This will sell out.

Thanks to our kind sponsors including: Sandfield, Patrick Reynolds Photography, Frontier Studio, Inhouse Consult (business lawyers), MRCagney, Auckland Transport Walking and Cycling, and RCG.

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    1. Ha! Don’t see any bike parks outside – anyone know if there are any? Wouldn’t it be nice to go there by LR? 🙂

      1. Ironically, it’s usually much easier to find a car park than a place to park your bike securely.

        The main issue with PT is that your bus will turn back into a pumpkin if you don’t get home in time.

  1. With no bike parking available this is a great opportunity to showcase the need for it. Should all take our bikes and take over the street parking, sidewalks etc.

  2. Coming from Ellerslie, it’s annoying that there are no frequent buses along Balmoral/Greenlane Road like you’d expect. A smooth transfer at Greenlane would make the trip by PT fast and pleasant.

    Instead… I’ll work something out. Anyway, ticket bought and looking forward to it. Thanks in advance GA team!

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