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IPENZ meeting

Hear from Transport Leaders

Which transport leaders would you most like to hear speak? The Kiwi making it big transforming New York’s streets? The head of the Ministry of Transport setting out New Zealand’s strategic direction? The CEO and Chairman of AT, with exciting plans for Auckland? Leaders from Uber, MOTAT, Callaghan Innovation and Auckland Council on the future of transport?

All these speakers and more will be at the IPENZ Transportation Group conference from 7th-9th March.

If you haven’t already, register now to secure your place with these industry leaders, as well as hear from a huge variety of speakers from across the transport profession. The programme includes everything from innovative technologies, to asset management and cutting edge design. Click here to view the programme.

The Group’s annual conference is New Zealand’s premier forum for the traffic engineering, road safety and transportation planning community. The conference aims to stimulate debate and problem-solving amongst peers. The conference presents a unique opportunity to network and share ideas across our diverse and wide-ranging industry.

The 2016 IPENZ Transportation Group conference will provide delegates with a stage. Together we will demonstrate how design, technology and innovation in transport can and do combine to make our cities and rural heartland world-class liveable places.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Patrick Reynolds, provocateur. I may have missed it but, no government representative? I guess the Transport Ministry and NZTA are proxies. The food looks tempting.

  2. Patrick should be the lead speaker – not tail-end Charlie. Then the Conference could spend their time on the merits of a complete change in strategy for transportation expenditure. I would really like that.

  3. IPENZ is run mostly by consultants, and partly funded by the government. They are smart enough to not bite the hand that feeds it and discuss transport funding allocation. It should be an interesting conference though.

  4. Another example of a transport organisation advertising with lovely images… PT, walking & cycling, empty roads, etc. But in reality the core business is about the money making cycle of big new roads => more trucks and cars => more big new roads. $$$ 🙂

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