1. I suspect there’s some foreshortening at play in the image, but I do still wonder why we insist on one broad sweeping curve for high-speed cars but are OK with five curves of varying sharpness for high-speed bicycles…

    1. They possibly could have done without the final squiggle at the bottom, but the others seem like they’ve been dictated by the need to loft it over three motorway lanes.

      Really excited to see how this integrates with the Nelson St cycleway!

    2. Because people don’t walk on the motorway. This is a shared space and is for pedestrians as much as cyclists. This is why we need to ensure bikes go at a reasonable pace

      1. Why is that it is OK to insist that cyclist “go at a reasonable pace” around pedestrians and not that drivers “go at a reasonable pace” around cyclists?

    1. It was Sunday, but yes there is a great deal of variability in utilisation rates of all our transport networks. Of course we could use changes pricing both for Transit [fares] and road [time of day pricing] to spread these loads.

  2. No cover for rainy days? No shade from the hot sun? Who designed this? A roading engineer? Imagine swapping the road for the cycle/pedestrian way – people and bikes get to use the wide open space below, mobile businesses could open up etc… cars be relegated to a single lane which weaves its meandering way around the town without ever getting anywhere… just perish the thought!

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