1. This sends a clear, unambiguous message to everyone, wherever you are in the world, that if you oppose a bike lane, you REALLY need to get a life.

  2. This reminds me, David Rankin is standing for Auckland Council next year with the following election promises…..

    1. Put an immediate end to the inner-city rail loop, and invest the funds instead on roading.

    2. Extend the urban limits of the city to allow the supply of more land for housing. The aim will be for a radical drop in land prices due to a huge supply of residential-zoned land.

    3. Disband the current Maori statutory board and replace it with a five-member advisory board with a total budget of $150,000 p.a. Its function will be to advise on Council policy.

    4. Restore the access to all the volcanic peaks as it existed in 2011.

    5. Halt all future cycle lanes, and remove existing ones where they obstruct traffic. A bicycle registration system will be introduced so that future cycle lanes will be built when the fund accumulated from cyclist registrations allows for it.

    1. Madness. Luckily, madness without a chance in hell.

      > Restore the access to all the volcanic peaks as it existed in 2011.

      Why stop there? Why not put roads up Mangere Mountain, Hamlins Hill, and Mount Saint John? Plus a bridge to Rangitoto. It’s a crime there’s a hill in Auckland without a carpark at the summit.

      > A bicycle registration system will be introduced

      Fun trivia: technically, bicycle registration would be being reintroduced. Auckland city registered bikes from 1887 until approximately 1964.

      Incidentally, I reckon a universal bike registration system is probably worth at least considering to address theft. As a revenue-gathering mechanism it’s somewhat overkill, though.

        1. Why stop there? Why not bring in a policy requiring a license for anyone wearing clothing that clearly does not fit.

          To be honest I get sick of hearing this same load of rubbish whenever cycling is mentioned. Proper cycling clothing is comfortable and practical for riding a bike. Not everyone fits it as well as others. Big deal. I see a lot of people every day wearing clothing that clearly does not suit them or fit them That is life. Get over it.

          1. I would vote for a license being needed to wear high-viz, it can be equally offensive and often worn in inappropriate situations 😉

    2. I thought for a moment you were kidding, but Google told me otherwise. And obviously the Angry Whale is very happy about his programme.

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