The council yesterday announced the seventh tranche of special housing areas and for the first time, all are redevelopments of existing sites within the urban area. They say that all up this could allow for up to 1,600 new dwellings in Auckland – if they actually get built. So here are the new SHA’s along with the previous ones announced.

SHAs 1-7

Bute Road, Browns Bay

The site at 4 Bute Road, Browns Bay will be developed for retail at ground level with four levels of apartments above, comprising 54 residential units plus accompanying car parking.
The residential units are a mix of one-bedroom (77m2) inclusive of balconies and two-bedrooms (88m2) inclusive of balconies.

The relocation of the former New World supermarket has allowed for the development.

The proposed scheme has been developed in close liaison with local real estate agents who have identified significant demand, particularly from older residents seeking to downsize and remain in the suburb.

Bute Rd SHA

College Hill, Ponsonby

Mansons TCLM Ltd plans to develop 99 College Hill, Freemans Bay into approximately 40-50 new homes over two-to-three years. The proposed residential development will consist of apartment style dwellings, to supplement the current shortages, including a combination of two-bedroom units and larger three-bedroom units.

The site is zoned a combination of Mixed Use and Single House zone under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

Mansons TCLM Ltd has been progressing a consent for the development of the land. This will include earthworks, construction of a basement level and development of the residential units and associated areas.

Mansons TCLM Ltd intends to complete the entire development and have it ready for habitation by late 2017.

College Hill SHA

This one is interesting as one half of the site has mixed use zoning while the other half is listed as single house zone.

Corner Cornwall Park Avenue and Great South Road, Greenlane

Golden Key Development (NZ) Ltd plans to develop 65 new apartments at 115 Great South Road, Greenlane.

The development will include one- and two-bedroom units. The land is zoned Terrace Housing and Apartment Buildings under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

Golden Key Development is progressing the preparation of the resource consent for the apartment development, which it plans to complete by January 2018.

Cornwall Park Ave SHA

Great South Road, Manurewa

DJI Limited plan to develop 309-311 Great South Road for approximately 24 two-bedroom apartments over two years.

The affordable homes within the development will be priced between $450,000 and $500,000.

Some of the features of the site include the Te Mahia Railway Station – 200 metres away, Beaumonts Park – 700 metres away, Manurewa South School – 15-20 minute walk, and the Manukau Golf Club – 400 metres away.

The land is zoned Mixed Use Zone under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

DJI Limited has been progressing a consent for the initial development of the land. It plans to have the first residential housing ready for habitation by late 2017, with the entire development completed by mid-2018.

Gt South Rd Manurewa SHA

But will any of the residents use the station?

James Road, Manurewa

DJI Limited plans to develop 9 and 11 James Road, Manurewa into approximately 39 new dwellings over two years.

There will be a mix of housing types, matched to current shortages, including smaller one-bedroom units and larger two- and three-bedroom units. Half of the units will be built as affordable homes; these will be priced at between $450,000 and $500,000.

The land, which is currently occupied by homes, is zoned Terraced Housing and Apartment Building under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. The site features a train station less than a 3 minute walk away, a bus stop 50 metres away, schools 250 metres away, a hospital 1 kilometre away, and a shopping centre (groceries, gas stations, food outlets) in close walking distance.

DJI Limited intends to have the first residential housing ready for habitation by the last quarter of 2016, with the entire development completed by mid-2017.

James Rd Manurewa SHA

Kingdon Street, Newmarket

New Investments Limited plans to develop 10 Kingdon Street, Newmarket for approximately 60 new apartments over two years.

The development will provide a mix of apartment types, matched to current shortages, including smaller one-bedroom units and larger two-and-three bedroom homes. The affordable homes within the development will be priced at between $325,000 and $350,000.

The Kingdon Street property is well located in a desirable part of Auckland, with innumerable state and private schools nearby, and Auckland University being a neighbour. The development is well located to amenities including parks and reserves. It is well serviced by bus and train transport, providing easy access into the CBD for workers.

The land is currently largely undeveloped with a 2-storey retail building on half the site. It is zoned Mixed Use under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

New Investments has been progressing a consent application for the initial development of the land. This will include ground floor retail, two levels of car parks, as well as residential apartments. It intends to have the first residential housing ready for habitation by August 2017.

Kingdon St SHA

Kirkbride Road, Mangere

Austin Management Limited plans to develop 8 Kirkbride Road, Mangere Bridge for approximately 54 new residential sites.

The development will provide a mix of housing types, matched to current shortages, including larger three-and-four bedroom homes. The affordable homes within the development will be priced at between $480,000 and $550,000.

The land is currently zoned Mixed Housing Suburban and Single House under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

Austin Management plans to lodge a qualifying development consent application as soon as practicable to enable the redevelopment of the site. It intends to ready the first residential sections for houses to be established on them by spring 2016. Associated house plans will be established by the end of 2016.

Kirkbride Rd SHA

Layard Street, Avondale

Redevelopment of the former Avondale Returned Services Association site and adjoining land will soon commence to provide for more than 150 new dwellings, townhouses and terraced homes of various sizes and configurations.

The development, located between 1 and 7 Layard Street, Avondale, will be known as Rosebank Ridge in recognition of the elevation and views offered by the site.

It will feature a mix of housing types matched to current shortages including smaller one-bedroom units and larger three- and four-bedroom terraced homes. The apartments, terraces and townhouses will be affordable and likely to be priced between $350,000 and $800,000.

The building’s design will assist in the growth and rejuvenation of the Avondale precinct. The developer is currently progressing with a resource consent application.

It is hoped the development will be in part complete and ready for occupation by December 2016.

Layard St SHA

With a number of other developments planned for Avondale the area is going to see a lot of growth in the next few years

Pacific Events Centre Drive, Manukau

Gaze Property Partnerships plans to develop 834 Great South Road and 10 Pacific Events Centre Drive, Manukau into more than 800 news homes including retirement living, potential student accommodation and/or hotels.

The development, called 8 Pacific, will comprise a comprehensively master-planned area of 9.2 hectares. It’ll provide a mix of housing types, matched to meet current shortages and affordable housing requirements, from smaller 2-bedroom terraces, townhouses and apartments through to larger 4+ bedroom homes.

The development is well placed next to the Manukau CBD, well serviced by public transport and servicing infrastructure is already in place. There is significant nearby employment opportunities including the growing Wiri industrial area, the new Wero Whitewater Park and Vodafone Events Centre directly to the north. As well as the parks, reserves and a community hub to be included in the development, being in close proximity to the Auckland Botanic Gardens and the national cycleway will provide strong community and open space amenity.

The land is currently vacant. Construction is targeted to commence as early as possible in the 2016 earthworks season.

Gaze has already lodged resource consent for total land development along with Stage 1 of housing to include 18 apartments and 20 terraced and townhouses. This will include earthworks, roads, parks, a community hub and around 12 super lots for subsequent subdivision and development.

Beyond the land development, Gaze intends to have the first residential housing ready for habitation by the end of 2017. The entire subdivision development will be complete within 2–3 years and housing will continue to be delivered rapidly after that.

Pacific Events Centre Dr SHA

Sunnybrae Road, Hillcrest

Sampati Holdings Ltd plans to develop 3 Sunnybrae Road, Hillcrest over three years.

The site will yield approximately 125 new homes, which will be part of a larger new urban village of commercial and residential that will occur over the next decade.

The affordable homes within the first stage of the development will be priced at around $455,000. The development will provide a mix of housing types, including one-, two- and three-bedroom homes. The development is adjacent to major recreation areas, near good public transport links and has many education facilities within an easy walk.

The land, which is currently being used as a car park, is zoned Mixed Housing Urban under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

Sampati Holdings has been steadily progressing the required documentation for the resource consent with the intention to have the first residential housing ready for habitation within 18 months.

Sunnybrae Rd SHA

Takanini Road, Takanini

Glenora Developments Ltd plans to develop 62 to 66 Takanini Road, Takanini for approximately 125 new homes over the three years.

The affordable homes within the first stage of the development, known as Glenora Park Village, will be priced from $350,000 upwards. The development will provide a mix of housing types, including terraced homes and walk-up apartments, and comprise one-, two- and three-bedroom homes.

The development is adjacent to a major shopping centre, near good public transport links and an easy walk from a railway station, schools, a major park and recreation facilities. The land, which currently has a vacant factory with a large yard, is zoned Town Centre under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.

Glenora Developments has been steadily progressing the required documentation for a resource consent application and intends to have the first residential housing ready for habitation within 18 months.

Takanini Rd Takanini SHA

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  1. Is it just me, or is the land size too small to get the number of dwellings proposed – in almost all the cases shown ? The Kingdon St Newmarket site for example – 60 apartments? !? Even ten floors at 6 apartments per floor seems pushing it, or are they planning to go to 15-20 stories there?

  2. Re the James Ave ones – just curious – they are units not apartments ? Knowing that area fairly well I was surprised to see in the paper it said 39 houses on the site as I thought it would have to be all apartments to fit – its not a huge site. I know someone was telling me another site on that road is being turned into a 10 bedroom boarding house/rent out per room situation too. There is a walkway from the end of that road along the back of the rail tracks to central Rewa and station – though the times I have walked that I have been a little nervous – but if its well traversed by people that would help -and perhaps they have upgraded it since I last did that too.

    Also re the Great South Rd site I find this part highly ironic “features include ……..the Te Mahia Railway Station” given how much AT wanted to close that station – perhaps it means the efforts of the local community to save it might be successful – and I would imagine 24 dwellings just across the road would boost patronage at the station to help that ……not to mention the golf course development when it happens. Will be interesting to see if the car sales yards (and from what I understand 1 empty site) near that same station will ever end up as housing – there is potential there if demand increased for them to do something mixed like the Manukau station I would imagine.

      1. Te mahia has the potential to grow a lot. But it is not a very nice station which puts people off using it plus reportly there is a lot of fare evasion at that station.

        On another note it is interesting that they are prompting the manukau golf course as part of the great south road development. Since it has been sold to fletcher residential to develop as a housing sub division. Which will probably start before the great South road site is finished being developed.

        It is good to see that a number of these developments are occurring near the rail line. But will there been capacity left in the train network by the time these developments are finished?

        1. Yes Arum – capacity is a question I have too. Recent stories of friends with bikes and trains watching trains leave them behind due to space issues make me nervous about my situation. Not that I need to worry till 2016 when we loose the bus I use but by then will have the increased developments along rail line plus all those from the longer haul bus routes that are being discontinued to fit on the trains so it could be quite cosy. I guess they won’t know till it all happens – but I am sure AT will be plugging all of these factors into their predictive models they would use for planning future needs of each area ? It will be interesting to see – its a long walk for me into town if not 🙂 And of course if its too bad they just won’t be able to fit all the people even those without extra cargo – but again I guess its a wait and see.
          To be fair too – the capacity of the motorway will also be something to question – the bus is a motorway one and with hardly any bus lanes and otherwise I car pool – both ways we can certainly notice the affect of the new developments has had to the daily commute.
          I hope Te Mahia does stay open – and flourish – though I realise there are other developments along that line where people are crying out for a new station too – and one assumes both keeping it open and adding one would not be in the plan. Anyway I know people for whom that station is a essential and I am sure if it was upgraded that and the new housing would make it a real bonus to the network – but anyway I guess time will tell and AT will be watching !

  3. These “Special housing areas” are purely pissing into the wind. This government could, with ease, turn the immigration tap off, you know the one where “student” visas are issued to developing world citizens so they can come here and start on the road to getting a job and residency in NZ. And residence to reside in they need.. But National cannot kick the cheap labour, I mean student visa habit can they? So on we go with these silly “special housing area” distractions that do next to nothing to fix Auckland’s housing problems but are meant to tell us morons that Nick Smith knows what he is doing when in fact he doesn’t!

    1. Solving the housing crisis by housing less people isn’t an attractive solution in my view. I’d oppose any political party trying to further limit people’s freedom of movement. Those students generally enter relatively highly-paid industries paying well above what a lot of kiwi workers get and protectionist moves to keep people out of those industries to keep pay high for a minority reeks of entitlement.

      1. I couldn’t make sense of your reply but what I could work out is ridiculous. According to this government a large part of the problem in Auckland housing is a shortage of houses. And forget the ghost houses of overseas investors that tie up 20000 plus of them. If that is true then allowing more people to live in Auckland that we don’t have to is completely counter to their argument.

        And if you think taxi drivers, couriers and kitchen hands which is what a lot of these “Students” end up doing while they furiously work out a way to get residency is highly skilled then yet again your argument is crap

    1. the image of the Sunnybrae Rd site is out of date, a Burger King and redeveloped liquor store are on the site adjacent to the gas station, which is next door to the Poenamu site at 31 Northcote Rd

      3 Sunnybrae Rd is the upper left side of the drawn site about 40% of the area outlined as elsewhere how will 125 Homes fit on there, or are they planning to demolish the Po?

        1. according to the council’s GIS viewer, the area outlined in red is 3 Sunnybrae Rd but confusingly has a boundary line marked to suggest two sites and the Po lists itself as 31 Northcote Rd, there’s been quite a bit of money spent on redeveloping shops at the Po recently as well as the BK and liquor store built in the last year!

  4. You’ve hit the nail on the head with ‘if they actually get built.’. In the six months to March of all the sections and dwellings brought to market in Auckland only 15% were in SHAs of which I believe there are currently 80. Please could someone explain how this supports the mandate to ‘fast-track development of affordable housing’ in our city? Increasing the number of SHAs amounts to lip service. Applying for and being issued with resource consent amounts to over promising and under-delivering, as there is no requirement for any developer to actually build at any given time (as far as I am aware). SHAs LOOK like someone is doing something, but please tell us, how many houses in SHAs have actually been brought to market so far and what percentage is this of the total dwellings that COULD have been made available in the two years (in Sep?) since this program started?

  5. That’s not intensification being proposed there, is it? Could be trouble….

    That might affect property values, I mean the special character, of some areas.

  6. Auckland correction starting: One of those new areas was going to be the new factory of a large NZ designer and manufacturer employing over 1,000 people. The council refused their plans, so they are looking elsewhere, likely not in Auckland as it’s too expensive and too few options. So there goes a 1,000 jobs to the provinces. It’s a bit like loosing contracts to China 🙂

    1. Like to know more of the details as to why it was refused, Pete? Not good for Auckland losing those jobs but good for other parts of New Zealand if they gain them.

    2. Look at it this way: that’s jobs to attract 1000 people out of Auckland into the provinces which the government has been trying to do for a while with limited success. People move to Auckland because the jobs are there…if there are a few more jobs elsewhere, Auckland wont’ be quite so crowded.

  7. These things should be called “Pointless Housing Areas”.

    Allowing unrestrained demand ( as we have at present) while there has been a supply shortage for 10-15 years now in Auckland is lunacy.

    Until the demand tap gets turned down the supply tap has no chance of catching up. Many thanks successive uncaring governments…

  8. Why the SHA for one building in Browns Bay? When equally large apartment buildings are going up a block down the road without assistance?
    Is it just because of the known liquefaction risk that close to the beach and they want to cut corners on the construction by not doing surveys that might give them an uncomfortable answer?

    1. The SHAs only get fasttracked throught the RMA process, not the building consent process.

      Also, they are probably trying to get it approved under the new zoning rules that permit mixed use rather than an exemption to the previous rules that only allowed commercial activities.

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