1. Ha ha, he’s not talking about the *third* harbour crossing. Don’t forget there are already two motorway bridges across the Waitemata harbour to the North Shore!

      1. Or from another point of view, the *fourth* harbour crossing: the Upper Harbour “Bridge” is two twin bridges now: the original one built in the 1970s and the companion built in the 2000s.

        Or from another other point of view, the *sixth* harbour crossing, since the two 1960s clip-ons on the lower Harbour Bridge were added separately and are structurally partially separate from the original bridge.

        In any case, there’s been four completely separate projects, in four different decades, to add motor vehicle lanes across the harbour, with a total of thirteen lanes so far. Only one of those projects has added a route that pedestrians or bicycles can use. None of those bridges have a dedicated right-of-way for public transport.

    1. Stunning photo, thanks for sharing.

      @devonportdevo – from council maps I worked this out – it might not be 100% correct:

      Upper harbour: 25m / 581m = 4.3%
      Harbour Bridge: 41m / 819m = 5.0%
      Grafton Gully cycleway between Alten Rd and Wellesley St: 25m / 446m = 5.6%

      I rode both and I remember noting that they Upper Harbour Bridge and Harbour Bridge felt the same. Grafton Gully is definitely steeper.

  1. I think it would be a good idea to see one of these pedestrian/cycle bridges constructed from Panama Road, Otahuhu across the water over to Highbrook business park. It could easily link up to the existing park that sits across the road from the Z petrol station at Highbrook or else link up somewhere behind Fisher & Paykel.
    Or how about on the same bridge allowing vehicle access, but with the same restrictions to private passenger vehicles during business hours as the Grafton/Symonds St bridge?

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Using Wairau Road probably is the easiest choice for that route, only the section of Glenfield Road from James St to Sunset Road is a difficult incline….
      Of course a route along the busway and UHD would be easiest if NZTA ever get around to building it.

    2. Sorry forgot to reply.
      I use Anzac Ave -> Taharoto Rd (bike lanes) -> Wairau Rd. Turn down Archers Rd then up Chivalry Rd all the way to Glenfield Rd. Chivalry Rd has a steep section at the start but then levels out and not so bad at the top. Go this way as going via Wairau is narrow so not much space for bikes and to avoid the intersections with Tristram Ave and Target Rd. From Glenfield Rd there are cycle lanes all the way to Sunset Rd. Then it’s Albany Highway and Upper Harbour highway to the bridge. I do the same in reverse although upper harbour/Albany highway intersection is much worse going that way due to having to merge across the uncontrolled straight through lane.

      That route is slightly longer than going via Wairau Rd but doesn’t feel as pressured as roads only single lane and a bit wider so cars can easily get past.

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