1. I’m not sure how realistic that is, given it would largely destroy the ridgeline on the left – given that the Domain is an old volcanic crater, I can’t see that being considered best practice in modern times.

  2. Actually, the original original plan was even more grandiose than that – public squares, fountains, all leading down into Newmarket. Would have been tremendous. You can tell this is a more contemporary visual by the modern buildings in the forefront.

    1. @greenwelly. In a way Wellington does have a grand boulevard leading from the War Memorial – it’s called Karo Drive aka SH1 to the west (is even tree lined just like your plans).

  3. The lawn north of the cenotaph seems to have unusual parch marks on it in aerial photos. It doesn’t seem like there’s a reservoir there though, and the marks are visible in 1940 photos, before the army camp was there. Was that going to be an entry road as well maybe?

  4. Trying to find a concept drawing of a boulevard on the north side below the cenotaph falling down the hill to domain drive.cypress trees lining it with a number of side adjuncts which could carry statues or minor memorials. Don,t know where I saw it can anyone shed some light

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