1. Just a little joke as we have no tag for other NZ cities, but anyway Lyttelton is not a city and the South Island is another country, and I certainly flew over seas to get there.

    1. The photo has 3 cones and a road closed sign, probably other side to. I think cones are $25 each and sign and base $300 and then that keeps getting reused for zero.Maybe cheaper than you think, just needs will to do it.

  1. A lot of new things appearing in here Christchurch! Would this blog be interested me sharing my PT stories around the city? I have been using the buses to get around for the past month and is going to take up cycling as soon as my bike is lubed up.


  2. (Reply to Stephen F)

    You’re forgetting the other side needs cordoning off too – all in all a truly ‘prohibitive’ excercise. I wonder how much (or how little would probably be more adequate) it cost to close/open O’Connell Street this afternoon.

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