1. That is fantastic. Love the building and that installation really tells you what happens inside now as well!
    My favourite part of the complex is the darkrooms in the old cells out the back.

    1. That looks anything but fantastic.

      Those white things look like someone had some leftover cardboard and tacked them on the front of the building. WTF were they thinking? Just leave the building in it’s original splendour (a dour brick monstrosity).

    2. I think it looks great. Without the decoration it looks a bit harsh – like the century-old prison that it is. This is a bit quirky, and suits the vibe for the new tenants.

  2. Brilliant.

    In response to the person above – the world is ours to interpret and imagine as we please. We should respect the past, but we are not bound to do things exactly as they were done 100 years ago.

  3. There’s 7 of the ‘splotches’.

    I would have coloured each with the colours of the rainbow. Just imagine how vibrant it would look!

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