I think it’s vital we make the most of the infrastructure we build – of all kinds. This wastewater pipe was upgraded a few years ago by Watercare and looks like a prime example of a piece of infrastructure that we could get more use out and would make an excellent bridge – and even appears like it might have been designed with such a future use in mind.

Henderson Creek Waste Water Pipe

While there is already a shared path around this section, such a bridge would straighten the existing route and shorten it by about 80m as shown below

Central Park Pipe

Note: If the pipe wasn’t there and look like it was designed with a bridge in mind I wouldn’t have suggested it.

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  1. Understand you are posting as it looks like a bridge but surely would be a waste of money to change pipe to bridge for sake of 80m. I cycle that route daily and it is all good.

    1. But traffic engineers are doing this sort of 20 second time-saving improvement all the time for cars. Add enough of them together and it makes a few minutes difference. It’s great that it’s OK for you, but saving a few minutes will for some the reduced biking time will be the tipping point them to gets them out of their cars and onto their bikes.

    2. It’s clearly been designed more solidly than for just the pipe but there are advantages to having it straighter including faster travel times. You have to constantly slow down around the corners simply because you often can’t see what’s around them and don’t want to careen into someone else using the route. Straightening the route helps prevent that and I’m only suggesting it as the infrastructure needed is mostly there, just needs utilising.

  2. The former waitakere cc had already proposed to put a bridge across this. But as with most of their proposals, nothing ever happened. The shared path between here and the central park drive bridge is a bit of a joke also. Needs to be completely replaced and widened.

  3. Other examples of this can be found in some of the small coves/tributries on the western shoreline of the whau river, in which there is another sewer main. Best example would be over wairau creek.

    1. Think more use should be done with the whole of the whau river. Open up the suburbs more to the environment and river.

  4. It’s pretty clear that people are taking a short cut to avoid the current meandering pathway… You can see they are cutting a track across the grass. People are voting with their feet in favour of the shortest path, so why not give it to them? Build the bridge, and then rip up the old detour pathway since it isn’t needed any more.

    1. Have a look at google maps for the path from Northcote Rd to Smales Farm Station, it’s a cruel wet socked joke.

        1. That’s the point, you could link it directly more easily than they have linked it indirectly but they chose not to.

      1. The walkway wasn’t built as a shortcut to the station, it is a way for people to wander around the grounds. You already have a short cut using The Avenue (which is a private road not publicly vested).

  5. The benefit isn’t just the shorter distance. It’s access to the river, enjoying the natural environment.

    1. Indeed. It is therefore a classic example of a quick win, in which a simple measure brings multiple benefits.

      Time for some action from the Council or one of its many agencies…

  6. I know from experience that Watercare have been reluctant to put pedestrian bridges over their pipes, supposedly due to maintenance reasons – although a few planks of wood would hardly seem to be a major impediment for them. Also, generally Auckland Council parks are reluctant to pay for this type of asset, they try and pass it onto Watercare even though it should be their responsibility.

    1. Reason #47 billion why splitting up core council functions like water and transport into CCOs is a bad idea. You get the same turf battles we got pre-amalgamation, but along CCO lines instead of geographic.

        1. Next time you talk to Rodney Hide, ask him what he was thinking when he devised the Super City structure, including the CCOs. As they say, there is room for improvement here…

        2. I am serious, that is a great joke.

          I am considering, or in fact writing, a letter to Warren Buffet ( or Charlie actually, who is obviously the brains of the operation).

          I’m going to ask if he might buy Browns Bay, and make it work, and turn a tidy profit.

          I suspect this has a possibility of being more successful than my managing to communicate with Rodney Hide.

        3. Watercare is easy enough to understand, since ACT/National were really hoping that Auckland would elect a right-wing council that would privatise it.

          I have no idea what anyone was hoping to achieve by making Auckland Transport a CCO rather than part of the core council, though.

        4. Probably that Auckland Transport would become a haven for roading engineers similar to NZTA who would basically ignore what the council and people of Auckland want and just advocate for more roads.

  7. As well as the time-savings, think of the accident risk to high speed cyclists around those dangerous bends. Straightening that historic route with a FoNS (Footpath of National Significance) will bring economic transformation to the area.
    He he 🙂

  8. As it seems the cyclists among the comments above have few problems with the current layout a pedestrian only bridge would be a good idea that would give a shorter route and give a refuge from speeding cycles.

  9. There is an excellent example of a “bridge-on-pipe” joining Meadow St and Church St in Otahuhu. It provides a pleasant alternative to Atkinson Ave for pedestrians and cyclists. Unfortunately where the same pipe crosses the Tamaki Estuary a bit further south at the end of Tamaki Ave there is no so bridge – if there was it would be a welcome relief from the dangerous Gt South Rd bridge.

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