While many people are aware of the Grafton Gully cycle route that is currently under construction, and the connecting Beach Road route that will soon start, another major cycleway project is currently progressing at good pace. This is the Waterfront Promenade, which will link Wynyard Quarter and Westhaven Marina. While in the short term this will be a great recreational asset, it also ends at the southern approach to the Harbour Bridge. So when Skypath arrives in the next few years, it will be the main connection from Skypath to the city. The promenade is a mix of standard concrete paths, and a boardwalk that is being built on piles over the water. The path is generally 4 – 5 metres wide, with it being narrower along the area where there is a interim promenade (in dashed orange). Also note that the promenade reuse idea seems to have disappeared, with piling along this section as well.


Really good progress is being on the promenade, and it should be open within a few months (pictures taken yesterday). Previously the only pedestrian access along here was an embarrassing 1m wide footpath, so this is a huge improvement. The area has great views back towards the city, Rangitoto, over the marina and around the harbour.

Progress on eastern section
First small section of boardwalk at western end nearing completion
Western section of Shared Path near Jacob’s Ladder overbridge.
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    1. The Orakei Basin boardwalk has a plastic ‘mesh’ (about 2cm squares I think) and that seems to work well in the wet when either running or cycling.

      1. We have seen this before it only lasts a sort time what it is a plastic coated wire mesh when it starts to fail it will end up been a hazard and cause more injures .sorry about the comment but its a fact

        1. Hmm.. Another fact.. the Orakei plastic mesh is in great shape and working well for cycling and running.. 4+ yes of heavy usage. Makes a great sound with nobblies at speed 😉

  1. A great new development and I look forward to it opening.

    Now a question. Why is this the first time I’ve heard about it? Why have I not seen, heard or read the slightest mention of this project on TV or radio or in The Herald?

    Kudos once again to Transportblog for bringing me information that no-one else seems to have any interest in reporting.

      1. Fair enough. And I missed it because 20/02/2013 was a maintenance shut-down day at the industrial plant where I work so I would have had no time to read the paper.

  2. I think the “pontoon re-use” was (or has morphed into) using those pontoons as a new launching pad for dinghies and small sail craft, just off the path (rather than from it). That was in one of the recent WA newsletters.

      1. What part of the footbridge looks unfinished? It looks almost exactly as it did when the first images where posted back in the early days of the VPT project. This isn’t a critical questioning of your comment, more an interest in what components look unfinished to you..

        1. I think it’s the clear panels dotted along it that make it look incomplete. Looks as if it should all be the patterned panels but some panels are missing.

        2. Looks aside, it’s not very nice to use – noisy from the traffic and hot in summer. The new one across Tamaki Drive is a much better for pedestrians (solid glass wall seems to block the sound well and it’s open air so less fumes and not oven like).

  3. I have been told by Westhaven Management that the promenade is for walking and running only. Cyclists will be required to use the existing road.
    The reason is that their could be congestion between boaties carrying gear or using trolleys when entering the piers, will block the promenade.

    1. It has been designed and consented as a shared path. FASTER cyclists will be enouraged to stay on the (30 km/h speed limit) road yes – because yes, there could be conflicts if you aren’t willing to dawdle along occasionally to pass around slow traffic, pedestrians or boaties. But it is 4-5m wide (depending on sections, some temporary Stage 1 sections a bit narrower) so unless you are in a hurry, this will be fine

    1. Why don’t you read what their own website says on it:

      “A walk or gentle cycle along Auckland’s stunning waterfront has the potential to be one of the most popular things to do in Auckland.

      As part of its goal to open up Auckland’s waterfront for more people to enjoy, Waterfront Auckland is currently working on a water’s edge promenade and cycleway around Westhaven Marina. This will form part of a 20km continuous walkway and cycleway that runs from Herne Bay in the west to Tamaki Drive in the east.

      The current walking and cycling paths on the waterfront are disconnected, and in a number of areas, they are perceived as neither safe nor functional. The promenade will be a recreational “share with care” environment for pedestrians, cyclists and other users. Confident and fast-speed cyclists will continue to use the road as their main route around the waterfront.”

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