1. Does council still own that site? Weren’t there idiotic plans once upon a time for a huge parking building there?

    1. The plans were for a large council car park as part of a mixed-use development (skyscaper). The number of car parks was so large partly because it combined the council car park and the building’s own car parking.

      The developer went bust, so that project is pretty dead, despite having consent.

      1. I believe that part of the thinking behind this proposal was to enable development on the adjacent central car park, thus not a net increase in parking in Takapuna

      2. So this empty space is not about parking, but about the problems of demolishing buildings and then not being able to fund a replacement. The use for parking is just an attempt to get some income until a new proposal comes along. Could take 25 years if Fort Street is a benchmark.

      3. I think the latest proposal (April) is for a New World metro style supermarket and a slightly smaller parking building

  2. What about that massive lot if land that stretches for 1-2km near glen innes train station. Currently home to two ponies I believe???

    1. The strip of land beside the Eastern Line passing through GI has a road designation on it – there has been said designation for several decades, I believe 🙂

      (P.S. Drive some piles across Hobson Bay, place a carriageway (for rail At Least!!!! [and maybe motor vehicles]) on said piles; remove that which is currently carrying rail lines, and voila … “beautify it with trees, etc. Not impossible …)

      (P.P.S. I have lived I said area – Panmure / Kohimarama / Glendowie. I support said designation …)

      1. Alex, are you completely mad?! Apart from ruining the environment and leaving aside the fact that there is not going to be a road across Orakei or Hobson Basins.. where are all those cars going to end up, exactly? There’s a clue in the picture in Matt’s post…

        1. If its not built , and AMETI road is, they will end up rat running through tamaki dr, kepa, remuera, shore roads etc anyway. It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    2. NZTA is I understand planning on divesting the that land in GI to allow them to spend the money on roads elsewhere, some of it will be used for the cycleway alongside the railway that is discussed in another post here on TB.

    1. Not for its owner. Built twice at great expense and it has failed to liberate the surface from parking as is supposed to. Which is to say the Council never carried through the promise of the structure. In the same way that they fail to downscale arterial roads when new motorways open.

      1. Indeed, the pathway up to Myers Park under the Mayoral Drive bridge has parking using up most of it and the bridge has parking on it as well, not to mention the sea of parking between the path and Aotea Square. Nothing’s changing because AT don’t want to remove any parking despite the huge Aotea Carpark.

  3. Who owns those sites in Takapuna? It is true that the parking is convenient for the Sunday market, but such a waste of good land near decent transport…

  4. Although the shops (like Baby Factory seen here on left) need the parking if they want to get customers in. No one is going to take the bus on the weekend to get to Baby Factory Takapuna 😉

    1. Parking can be underground, the point is more that that is a huge site that could be developed to provide a lot greater amenity than a few carparks on what appears to be the ruins of a former structure.

  5. There’s already parking across the road, and on the left, is that a ~six storey parking building I can see or just an office building under construction?

    1. that’s an office building occupied by Vero, it’s just ugly enough to look like a parking building from that angle

  6. Wasn’t this the old gasometer site? If so then the ground is probably contaminated like the Victoria Park supermarket site was.

    1. It was a gasometer site and you could be right, the one in Northcote Point was similarly contaminated and is now a public tennis court.

      1. Beaumont Quarter is on the site of the old gasworks and Vic Park New World seems to be a thriving supermarket selling uncontaminated food. These things can be fixed it would seem.

        1. Things can be improved at a cost, but it needs an intensive development to be able to fund ground remediation. I could see a supermarket here but its not part of the retail frontage so shops would struggle, office demand is fairly flat in Takapuna and the last people to build an apartment tower lost there shirts, so the most likely alternative is exactly what you see- nothing for some time

  7. From my understanding it’s going to be large New World supermarket. Which is why they pulled out of Hauraki Corner.

  8. Takapuna has a plethora of under utilised land; around the Akoranga station; the old fire station; land on Hurstmere Road; land by Lake Pupuke amongst others. And at the moment precious little happening. I wonder whether it is because the Takapuna rental market seems to be softish and also that cheaper one and two bedroom high rise have hardly been a roaring success.

  9. The Auckland Council has tried to get this land developed as it was owned by former North Shore City Council. There must be pressure from Building owners to Develop this site but the Former North Shore Council also tried to get others involved but could never reach a conclusion. A pity in a way that it is not a Park N Ride Facility.

  10. Absolutely Sailor Boy, I can’t think of a single reason. I can however think of one against and that is that it would likely become a car park for those driving to Takapuna to work and getting out of Takapuna at 5pm is already a significant issue.

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