1. Quite the ugliest ferry I think I’ve seen anywhere and I’ve seen quite a few; not helped by the tackiest livery ever. Wish they’d bring back the Kestrel!

    1. The swoopy black bits do a good job of disguising it, but this boat is very similar to Wanderer and Adventurer (quite narrow, looks like the aspect ratio needs adjusting!)

  2. I believe this vessel is only two years old and ex Australia via survey and modifications in Whangarei. Fullers also have a new vessel under construction in New Plymouth and due to go into service come August in support of the Devonport Kea.

  3. Don’t think it looks altogether that bad, myself. Interesting that unlike pretty much all the others there’s no noticeable bow angle… which makes it look a bit odd (if not quite Superyacht A reverse bow angle odd).

  4. /Users/sandrabalderston/Documents/NGOIRO 1:4 123902.jpg

    Here is the NGOIRO built here in Auckland, went into service in 1914, a hundred years ago – for the St Heliers ferry service. Interesting to compare her with TAKAHE, how designs and perceptions change. A hundred years ago we had a busy and active ferry service as we do today except that the designs are different.

    This photo comes from the National Library and was taken in 1925.

  5. Hooray – I herald the new arrival!
    I rely on Fuller’s Ferries to keep me on the move, often crossing the harbour 4 times a day carrying my bike between Devonport, Waiheke and Downtown. I’m delighted there is another ferry in the fleet. For me it’s not about the looks, it’s about the comfort and utility, as that is what commuters want.

    We need this new ferry desperately because the current fleet is worked very hard, and lack of service due to mechanical problems is too common.

    The next thing needed is more space for ferry movements in the Downtown basin – it is stretched to the limit now, so let’s keep pushing for more comfortable waiting spaces and more berthing facilities to avoid ferries having to wait while others manoeuvre in and out of the confined area we have now.

    Good work – Keep it up Fullers!

  6. Ugly? It looks fine! No better or worse than the ferries in Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else.

    More to the point, it will be fast and efficient, providing a huge increase in quality and service. New vehicles are also much more reliable and have lower operating costs.

  7. We get new ferries thats awesome. Why are people on here whining about details? if we whine here, imagine what the dinosaurs do…
    nah this is good for the network, good for future proofing and it has to be better for the environment. Hopefully we can get more ferry services in the future and for that we need high numbers of riders. New ferries Im sure will help with this.

    In regards to old ferries, i commuted on a 100 year old ferry in the Stockholm archipelago when i did a job over there. they had at least a dozen of the old workhorses carrying commuters to some of the thousands of islands in the archipelagos. Awesome…

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