1. I love the meshing of new with old; the city has a ton of character in that shot.

        Really nice shots. Jonty, do you have a Flickr account?

  1. To use Councillor Quax’ words: “Peak train?”.

    Yep, Dick, these are indeed top of the hill. But you haven’t seen a real slope until you see the patronage figures for 2015-16-17 😉

  2. Certainly good looking trains. Does anyone know – does Spain have a big rail building industry? I have never really thought of Spain and high quality mechanical equipment together but then I know very little about the place.

    1. As I said I know little about Spain other than once having a two day headache after drinking Spanish wine at a London winebar. (Everyone I was with had the same reaction – I am guessing it was the ethylene glycol 1992 a nasty year for the vintage)

  3. I love the fourth picture, it’s ghetto and quite Asian/Japanese, if it wasn’t for the graffiti! Reminds a bit of the route through Kings Cross/Edgecliff on the Eastern Suburbs line.

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