1. About 2.6k jobs in Orewa vs 8k in Takapuna itself but wider Takapuna itself is about 20k. It’s one of the denser employment areas in Auckland (but obviously not at the CBD level)

  1. A great photo. However the view is what is mainly seen by parked cars! Takapuna has still not woken up and “turned itself around” to face the sea and Rangitoto, prefering to have carparks facing the beach. What a waste.

    1. When people say Takapuna needs to turn around I think they really mean shift down the hill as there isnt really any view from Hurstmere Road even without buildings. It is located on the top of a rounded slope.

    2. There is now a proposal to realign The Strand through the car parks and extend the reserve into the space that is now the road. There is also a proposal to buy the Colmar Brunton building at the bottom of Hurstmere Green and extend that pedestrian access all the way to the reserve.

      Also there are plans to turn Hurstmere Road into a shared space. That would be a great development and would really help the struggling retailers there.

      There is definitely a recognition that Takapuna is not right and it needs to be turned around. It needs to stop thinking it is a asmall town and recognise it is the an inner suburb in a big city.

      Imagine a train station right there in Takapuna connected to Aotea Square station by a 10min train ride! It would be a bustling, dynamic place full of free spending consumers. Retailers/hospitality dream.

      1. If Hurstmere is going to become a shared space then the most important thin to do is to block off the Southern end, stop all through traffic, and simplify the lights in one fell swoop. Guarantee it won’t happen but it needs to. Heck the could do an 80/20 job now with 5 bollards, two no exit signs and the reformatting of the light phases.

        Also, I quite like the idea of moving the strand back, I just cannot see the carparks being redeveloped as pedestrian access is simply too difficult.

        1. One of the carparks is already being redeveloped, apparently the landowner has jumped the gun and is building a cafe/restaurant complex fronting The Strand but leaving space behind in case The Strand is actually realigned.

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