1. I often take visitors down there – if the “locals” want to show an area off, you can be pretty sure that you’ve succeeded in making an area cool.

    1. A rugby stadium would have got in the way of the area being used by lots of people on a regular basis. Eden Park isn’t exactly jumping when it’s not a match day. Much better like it is

    2. A rugby stadium would have wasted the land and the views. The only waterfront stadium location I think is reasonable is on the corner of the container port, I.e. Where you couldn’t develop anyway and the only views you lose are of cranes and container stacks.

      Having said that a test cricket ground might be more appropriate at Wynyard, provided the stands weren’t particularly big and it could double as a normal park most of the time.

  2. It is a mute point now because the money has been spent on Eden Park however I would have built a purpose built rugby only stadium to the north of Silo Park. I would have used the land that has the bulk oil storage tanks on them and most probably the Govt could have done a zero cost purchase simply by wavering the environmental cleanup liability from the present owners.
    At the same time as constructing the stadium I would have included a cut and cover tunnel underneath that will form part of the planed for cross harbour tunnels.
    I hear what you are saying about EP being quiet except on match days but that has a lot to do with the location of EP and local residents objections to added events. If a stadium was in Wynyard they could have rock concerts as well as sports events and there wouldn’t be local residents to upset. The park would be walk able to the city centre and existing PT options as well as hotels and restaurants.
    Eden Park could have retained the ASB stand but increased the grass area by removing the older other stands to create a proper cricket oval.
    As I said a mute point now but just what I would have liked to have seen done. Otherwise I think both Wynyard and Britomart have been great projects for Auckland.

    1. I’m guessing you mean “moot” point Phil – although we certainly wouldn’t mind if you could be mute about your points. There are only a couple of acts a year who visit NZ and could sell enough seats to have a good go at a stadium the size of Eden Park or larger – the vast majority seem to be happy to play at Vector (capacity 12,000), a couple of nights if need be. And the current large venues like Mt Smart and Western Springs still do a pretty good job.

      1. Ha – very funny John, yes I meant ‘moot’.
        Eden Park holds some happy memories for me but it’s in the wrong place and now the Springs have been ruined by the Nimby’s who bought next to a speedway track that had been there for years and then complained about noise. I’m guessing a few of those residents post on here.
        In my opinion – and thats all it is – Auckland missed a chance to build a better stadium and the tank farm would have been an ideal location. Let’s just hope something nice gets built there, it’s direct line of sight from my BBQ.

        1. … and the sound from the concerts at the stadium would be making you and your neighbours all complain to Noise Control double quick smart.

          Water carries sound well enough that you’d hear it no problems from in your house and Barbecue – but not well enough that you’d be able to enjoy it as a free concert.

          1. Maybe we can have a street race around Wynyard? We could use the space under the motorway in Victoria park as permanent pit lane garages. The viaduct would really come alive with the sound and atmosphere of screaming V8 Supercars one weekend a year.
            It would be just like Adelaide – which I know we like to compare our city too.

          2. “We could use the space under the motorway in Victoria park as permanent pit lane garages. The viaduct would really come alive with the sound and atmosphere of screaming V8 Supercars one weekend a year.”

            Permanent pit lane garages? This kind of proposal leaves me wondering how alive the viaduct would come the remaining 51 weeks of the year….

  3. Returning from the UK to take in this vibrant area was fantastic. I love Wynyard Quarter and Britomart. Now for a make over of the rest of the CBD. It is a bit of a dive, a run down China town lacking character and class.

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