1. Innercity laneways are so full of character. That the nice thing about living in Melbourne.

    Hopefully Auckland can hold onto its lanes.

  2. They are all dressed with a complete lack of style or dash so it has to be NZ, home of the most boring clothes in the developed world.

  3. In my view Tasca does better coffee than Melba but Melba is always busy and Tasca less so. I wonder if it is simply that kiwis don’t like having to go past a greeter at the door?

  4. This is how the service lane behind Mekong Baby and Dizengoff could look once it is connected to the Ponsonby Park development on the Nosh site on Ponsonby Road. Another enhanced use of an already existing utility and an enhanced retail interface.

    1. Yes, and extending a wonderful urban lane way and network of courtyards through that site to new buildings on the Ponsonby Rd frontage of that site would be even better than a big slab of vapid and expensive open space in what is supposed to be the heart of sophisticated urban Auckland.

  5. Showed a couple of Italian visitors around town last week. They were impressed by Vulcan lane (which susprised me – I just assumed Italians would have similar streets everywhere).

    Downside was that we did not stop for a coffee in Vulcan lane, but wandered down to the waterfront past the Cloud to the end of the wharf. Bunch of people hanging out at there, but the search for good coffee then turned tragic (was getting on after 6pm on a weekday). Basically walking around, pretty quickly become apparent that all the good cafe’s were closed, so it was either a restaurant in the Viaduct or coffee chain like Esquires.:-(

    Love to see more cafe’s open in the summer evenings.

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