1. The lack of any progress improving Quay Street for pedestrians has to be one of the biggest disappointments of the past three years. Auckland’s front door apparently still can’t be anything other than a 6 lane defacto highway.

    1. The painted lines don’t take away from it looking and feeling like a footpath, and so it will get used as a footpath. With people ambling around, often unknowingly venturing out into the cycling area, this shared path is near useless as a cycling option for all but the slow recreational cyclist. It’s high time to acknowledge cycling as a valid transport option and develop cycling infrastructure accordingly. The upcoming Beach Road improvements are a step in the right direction, although from what I can see from the plans still a bit convoluted and indirect, with lots of seemingly unnecessary crossings.

  2. Shared path goes east from the Ferry building. Unfortunately west of here no shared path, and path too narrow anyway. Makes it impossible to cycle so just have to dismount. Of course the path here is too narrow for even for pedestrians on a nice day, so walking your bike is rather slow.
    Considering Customs St is 6 lanes and only one block away really no need for the traffic to be here at all.

  3. I took my first ride all the way from Eden Terrace to Henderson yesterday, just to see what the Northwestern cycleway is like it’s whole length. My conclusion? After Carrington road, it is terrible. Blind corners, bits to narrow to allow to cyclists to pass,pedestrian overbridges forced into service for cyclists with hardly an iota of modification (I am surprised they didn’t leave leave the stairs on), a juddery tarsealed unfenced track over a rather unpleasant looking bit of swamp… It is horrible. It isn”t a cycleway, it is a collection of rubbishy paths added as an afterthought. Is that really the best we can do in 2013?

    1. No, that was the best Waitakere City could do in the 1990s. The Grafton gully cycleway wil show the best we can do in 2013.

      1. We can stop calling it a cycleway now and use it’s correct term – shared path. As far as I am aware, there is not a single meter of cycle specific off-road infrastructure in Auckland.

        1. Actually most of it is legally a cycleway from which pedestrians are technically banned. It’s not a shared path for the most part because pedestrians are not allowed in the motorway corridor.

        2. NZTA’s documentation for the rebuild state otherwise. As for the current situation, that is a technical point that is overlooked by AT and NZTA.

        3. Nick R:

          Citation very much needed for that, as they say.


          There’s a very weird sign here, to “share with care”: http://goo.gl/maps/9wd1y despite being next to the roadway. The footpath is on the opposite side, and it would be difficult to walk and impossible to cycle along!

        4. What a strange transition there Steve. In saying that, with a bit of traffic calming and wayfinding signage, that road would make a very good piece of the cycle network.

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