1. They installed this over an existing car park and yellow lines and never removed any of that marking, so it’s all the old markings. AT is supposedly trialling this, so it may well be removed again in 6 months,

    2. It’s already very popular, and will be full 24/7 if the proposed Copenhagen cycle lanes get built, and AT doesn’t water them down/remove them as per their usual tactics.

      1. If it’s anything like the ones at work, it will be full of bikes that never move, used by local residents as a handy place to store their bike.

        Still good work AT, there are way to deal with bike park hoggers

        1. “… there are way to deal with bike park hoggers…”

          Will I come back and find chalk on my tyres and a fine notice tucked neatly under my bell? Or worse, see my bike being towed down the road behind an Auckland Towing tuk-tuk? 🙁

  1. Kind of a weird clash between the black wrought ish iron look and the un painted silver pipes.
    Easy enough to fix though…

  2. Sadly Tricia Read wasn’t returned to the local board recently yet one idea of hers is for the Council to buy the church in the picture about (funded by selling the Nosh site across the road it currently owns) and to turn it into a venue and its grounds into public space.

    It is apparently underused and unable to be kept up. It certainly could do with the crappy additions removed or remodelled and some other improvements/restoration. The grounds are now either car parking or nothing, yet could be integrated into P Rd and further improved giving the area a city and sea facing additional public realm and the highest (I think) structure on the ridge some love. Ponsonby could do with a public venue too.


    1. Sounds like a pretty good plan Patrick, definitely a better space for a public area than the Nosh site. However, given Auckland Council’s lack of willingness to do anything about other heritage places such as St James I can’t see them coming to the party with any money.

      1. But the money is there locked up in the Nosh site. A site which suits commercial use more than becoming another formless open space… Shd be revenue neutral; there’s no other purchaser for the church, surely.

        1. So park = formless open space? Smh

          The church would be a great venue, but there’s not much room for a park there.

        2. There is a difference between good and poor open space; Brown reserve, for instance, is a recent local example of poor open space. It’s alright, nothing more, just an overgrown and dangerous short-cut; not a quality well designed nature meets culture place.

          I don’t see the Nosh site becoming good open space if the proposals in the Masterplan are anything to go by. One especially daft option includes a silly little at grade car park. Each space would have a cost of about a million dollars based on what we paid for the site. FFS. Local NIMBYs are already gearing up to stop anything but aimless planting and probably carparking(!) happen there.

        3. I’m with you- zero carparking.

          It’s for people, cars have enough of thir own parks already! 😉

    2. Yes it is very sad to lose Tricia from the Board as she was very committed to the role and incredibly hard working.
      I am sure Tricia will not mind if I clarify that the idea of purchasing the church site for a community facility and open space (using funds from the sale of the Nosh site) was received in response to the draft Ponsonby Road masterplan (a local architect discussed it with us at one of the open days).
      This idea is likely to be one of many received as part of the 600 submissions on the draft plan. Council officers are currently preparing a report on the feedback which will hopefully be on the Board’s December agenda.

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