1. Less than 2 yearsow till our next chance to get rid of this incompetent govt. But how much more damage will they do in this time?

  2. Pretty much all of her questions and the responses follow this formula:
    – important question
    – blustery non-response
    – awesome supplementary question or tabling of document showing blustery non-response to be rubbish
    – blustery non-response
    – optional ad-hominem attack on Greens
    – repeat prev 3 steps until someone objects to a document being tabled.

    It’s just disappointing that the question time structure doesn’t force the pol who’s just been schooled to do anything material as penance.

  3. It is a little strange to quote the figure of $3.6 Billion as the value of the loan. That would be like getting a $400k mortgage for your house and then saying that it’s a $1.2M mortgage as that is how much you will end up paying of the 25 years or so.

  4. Doc is spot on. The reference to a “$3.6 Billion” loan demonstrates that it is Julie Anne Genter who doesn’t know what they are talking about, not Bill English. As for her reference to Australian projects, she is pointing to a very different model to that proposed for Transmission Gully. And her discussion of risk shows she doesn’t know much about project risk either…

    In any event, given the project has not gone to tender yet, there’s no way Bill English can know how exactly much debt will be required…

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