It appears that Auckland is now down a train following an accident in the Westfield yards last week. I’m not sure how it happened or who was at fault but one of Kiwirails new DL freight locomotives got a little to up close and personal with one of the driving cars on an SA train. The results of the incident are below:

I’m not sure how long the train will be out of action but it is pretty concerning considering just how tight things are with our rolling stock until the new EMUs arrive. I believe that an investigation is already under way into the incident.

Edit: A new image of the incident, obviously not long after it happened (thanks Geoff)

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  1. Ouch. And quite a bit of a derailment there too.

    I guess this will cost some money. And since they are owned by different parties there will be some insurance payouts as well.

  2. The panel damage is probably not that much work to fix, but the damage to the running gear and other equipment just looks nasty,

    From the marks the SA was definitely in motion , not sure if the DL was advancing or stationary thou,

  3. The costs go up.
    Getting in a crain to right the train. Downtime due to the tracks being closed. Costs of sending out inspectors. Repair costs. It all starts adding up. Never mind the repair costs.

    My sympathies to the drivers of these trains. They will be being interrogated very closely.

    How did you get these pictures?. I am sure that Kiwirail would try and hide these away. Looks as if they were taken on the tracks – is this not illegal?.

    1. My understanding is it was a low speed collision in the yards and the cause is being investigated. I didn’t take these pictures myself but acquited them from a few different sources

    1. plenty of car crashes and death on the roads everyday but still the people who push for more roads and more speed are never asked about it.

  4. Hi
    I’m also in favor with “it was a low speed collision in the yards” I really not feel well when I see this picture unfortunately its really matter of deep sadness.

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