1. Painfully predictable.

    Remember with high-priced oil we can go back to mini’s – but modern, better versions. Even versions 10x more efficient than public transport.

    But people will sign that petition because they just don’t know the other side of the story.

    1. Andrew, you may have your head buried in the sand so I will excuse you for not noticing that no one is suggesting ripping up the current roads.

    2. Hmmm … strange comment Andrew. Yes people will fall back on more efficient cars. They will also, however, look to more cost-effective alternatives, such as public transport. We know this – simple econometric analyses show public transport has a positive cross-elasticity of demand with respect to fuel prices. So more efficient cars are definitely part of the mix, but that does not justify wanton investment in uneconomic highways.

  2. It just makes such sense! If you are going to spend 12 billion dollars surely this should be spent providing a range of transport options.
    As some kind of analogy, if you have funds to invest the golden rule is to invest in a balanced portfolio to spread your risk.

    On something else, I made arrangements to catch up with some friends in Papakura two fridays ago and drove my car from Ellerslie to Takanini (yes I use a car as well as the train, I value the options). Admittedly it was 5 pm, the traffic was horrendous all the way down. Nose to tail. I haven’t driven at this time for a few years but I don’t remember the congestion being this bad.

    I feel so sorry for people having to do this everyday. I wonder how many politicians have to take this drive? Gerry and Steven, give it a go for two weeks, then think about your policies.

    1. The problem though is that in their heads they don’t think about under utilised rail line next to th motorway, they just think that the solution is to build a bigger motorway. They still believe that you can build your way out of congestion which simply isn’t possible.

    2. JeffT: Exactly, where’s the balance, where’s the intelligence around risk; eggs baskets etc. Ah, but they aren’t investing, well not in the country; they are subsidising a sector… and there can never be enough in one direction for that.

  3. Come on Peter, the Model T is such an uncomfortable, unreliable and slow vehicle that nobody in their right mind would use it for commuting in Auckland that it would spend most of its time parked up so on a litres per day measure of fuel efficiency it absolutely creams modern cars 🙂

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