An earlier ATB post discussed Auckland Transport’s proposed changes to central city parking arrangements.

A central plank in the proposed changes is the removal of time-restrictions.  In their place, AT propose to use prices to manage demand. This simply means that prices will go up when demand is high, and vice versa when demand is low; the result will be that parking prices vary across the City Centre in response to demand/supply.

Here’s how Auckland Transport describe the proposed changes:

All time restrictions will be removed, but a new system for parking prices will mean that the longer you stay, the more you have to pay. Paid parking will also be extended to 10pm (from 6pm) in busy entertainment areas to improve parking availability for customers. New pricing will be introduced, with two price zones and hourly parking prices varying depending on demand. This means that the price for parking will be higher in the more central, busier areas and lower in areas where there is less demand for parking.   

You can read more about the proposed changes here. And if you’re keen to provide AT with your feedback then you can complete this online form. Feedback closes this Sunday, so get in quick!

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  1. They’ll get a lot of opposition – people always like the status quo, no matter what it is. It’s therefore important to support these changes.

  2. Do you have to decide beforehand how long you need? Would be good if we could pay via HOP card – then perhaps we could tag on and tag off (& only pay for the time we used).

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