We are all really pleased to announce a fundraising film night for the Auckland Transport Blog in August. With kind sponsorship from Isthmus Group, MRCagney, Auckland Transport, Odyssey Wines, CityHop and Tim Gummer Design we have a really fantastic evening with a really fantastic film in store. We thought it was a good time to offer the opportunity for a little actual mingling with the growing number of readers and commenters on the blog. For those who wish to, of course. Here’s the poster:The Urbanized documentary looks really fascinating too – you can see a trailer for it here and book your tickets here.

Discussion about transport can last for ages, so we’re looking at finding a place to eat/drink/chat transport in Balmoral before the movie. Suggestions will be most welcome.

As a bit of fine print, money made from the event including the sponsorship will be donated to the Campaign for Better Transport as a ring-fenced donation to be used to support the hosting of this blog. We are shifting to a New Zealand based server in the next week or two (hopefully it works this time) and that means the cost of hosting skyrockets – but page loading should be much much faster. The booking is done through the volunteer efforts of Kent Lundberg at Isthmus.

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  1. Now that’s a piece of well-designed publicity; I, for one, have no doubt as to its efficacy. Hopefully, it might also inspire AT into meeting the standard.

  2. Sounds great.Excellent idea all. I wish I was back in NZ to attend.

    I will have to just sit here in Switzerland and put up with expanding tram and train networks. I wonder if the Swiss will ever dream up an idea to spend massive on roads of national significance at the expense of the economy?

  3. Hmm, just an interesting observation that Auckland Transport used their “lettering” logo,

    I had noticed that in a number of Public notices in Yesterday’s Herald to notified Temporary road closures they used their shiny new “roundel” design…

    Although their consultation on new parking zone charges still uses the “lettering” version, maybe there had not been a corporate wide rollout yet…..

  4. i can’t come because i’m away but if you were to put up your bank account number I might make a donation to that instead.

    1. Thanks Lucy – if you or anyone else are so inclined please deposit to the Campaign For Better Transport account KiwiBank 38-9009-0281735-00, and note “Blog” in the reference.

  5. This should be a great night but sadly I won’t be able to attend this as I am on a long planned holiday so will be out of the country.

  6. Should be a good film, I’ve seen positive things about it already and the producer’s previous film “Helvetica” was excellent.

    There are plenty of restaurants within 1 minute walk of the cinema but most are pretty small. Tusk Thai might be the best one for a larger group or maybe Zap Thai.

  7. Anyone know if the Go Go Music Cafe is a suitable meet-up place? Seems like it may be big enough and not exclusively a restaurant.

    1. Go Go is a converted Wild West themed music bar that has been turned into a Chinese restaurant (it has kept the Wild Western-theme). They have live music of mostly Chinese songs while you eat but there is no bar there as such. Good food though. I would recommend there and my Kitchen and Barilla Dumpling if you want dumplings.

      Looking forward to the film.

  8. Yes thanks Kent, very much appreciated!

    One thing though, can’t we make the gift for anyone who can show any valid public transport ticket or pass? There will be other folks like myself that don’t have a Hop because they usually use the trains, ferries or non-NZBus buses, and would be paying a cash fare to get to the cinema.

    1. Good idea Nick. Totally forgot about ferry passes etc. Will add them to the list… Also, we will have a high level security team at the event to check PT bona fides 😉

  9. Wish I could be there, it sounds like a wonderful event! Send the invites out far and wide – I’d be interested to see which of our luminaries in transport, society, and government (local and national) attend. And to eat, I’d recommend New Flavour or Barilla, who both do great dumplings.

    (It’s also about time I took some more photos for a guest-post about public transport in Timor-Leste…)

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