The make up of the new Auckland Council was announced today by Mayor Len Brown. The structure of the council, and the chair of each of the committees, sub-committees and other forums are outlined below:

Structure and appointments:

Committees of the Whole

Strategy & Finance Committee – Penny Webster

Accountability & Performance Committee – Richard Northey
– CCO Strategy and Appointments Sub-Committee – His Worship the Mayor
– CEO Review Sub-Committee – His Worship the Mayor
– Tenders & Procurement Panel – Jami-Lee Ross

Regional Development & Operations Committee – Ann Hartley
– Social & Community Forum – Cathy Casey
– Culture, Arts & Events Forum – Alf Filipaina
– Economic Forum – Arthur Anae
– Community Safety Forum – George Wood
– Environment & Sustainability Forum – Wayne Walker
– Parks & Heritage Forum – Sandra Coney
– District Plan & Urban Design Forum – Cameron Brewer

Auckland Future Vision Committee – His Worship the Mayor / Deputy Mayor
– Transport Committee – Mike Lee

Standing Committees

– Hearings Committee – Noelene Rafills
– Regulatory & Bylaws Committee – Des Morrison
– Audit & Risk Committee – Sharon Stewart
– Civil Defence & Emergency Management Group – Michael Goudie

Advisory Panels

– Maori Statutory Board – Alf Filipaina
– Pacific Peoples Advisory Panel – Arthur Anae
– Ethnic Advisory Panel – Mike Lee
– Business Advisory Panel – Cameron Brewer
– Rural Advisory Panel – Des Morrison
– Youth Advisory Panel – Michael Goudie
– Social Policy Forum – Calum Penrose

No real surprise to see that Mike Lee has been appointed chair of the Transport Committee. It will be interesting to see the split between work done by the transport committee and work done by the board of Auckland Transport.

The structure is summarised in the diagram below: In planning terms, it seems as though Ann Hartley and Cameron Brewer will be the key councillors in ensuring that Auckland gets its planning documents right over the next three years.

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  1. Notice how all 20 Councillors have been given roles except for Chris Fletcher.(John Walker has been named ‘Auckland Ambassador’)Seems a bit surprising, unless he has some other role lined up for her soon.

    1. I had noticed that as well and thought it was odd, especially seeing as the Herald had a story today tipping her to be head of the finance committee

  2. Morning Report today said that the reason that Christine Fletcher didn’t get any committee chair positions was that she was going to be appointed to the Auckland Transport CCO.

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