As of now we’re about 40 minutes away from midday, when voting will close in the election of the first Super City. Most of the votes have been counted already – so I assume that unlike general elections when the results trickle in throughout the evening, this will be a big “bang” of results. I will (hopefully) update regularly in the next short while. Remember it’s not only the Mayoral battle that matters, but also how the numbers lie in terms of elected councillors.

Picks welcome!

Voting return information (that is, how many people and what percentage of people that have voted) from yesterday is available to view here. The number of votes added yesterday was relatively low, as I think most people had already posted in to be counted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

12.02 – still no results

12.05 – NZ Herald is saying provisional results will be available around 2pm. Gah – I’m impatient.

1.08 – Less than an hour away from having results announced.

1.09 – Cancel that. Herald says Len Brown has won. With almost 95 per cent of the votes counted, Len Brown has won the Auckland mayoralty. Mr Brown has approximately 221,000 votes to Mr Banks’ 161,000.

1.12 – That’s a pretty massive win, by around 60,000 votes. Interestingly, third place Colin Craig polled at around 40,000 votes. More here.

1.13 – No word yet on council ward results.

1.29 – I must say I’m pretty happy with the result. I just couldn’t see John Banks taking on central government’s transport policy and demanding a better deal for public transport. While the Mayor of the Super City has more powers than previous Mayors did, they are still very reliant on the make-up of the council to support them. The details of who has won the council seats will be very important – and hopefully will be released soon.

1.53 – Council results should come in soon.

2.06 – Council results are available here. Mike Lee has won Waitemata, which is great news.

2.07 – Cameron Brewer has won Orakei ward, winning over the Citizens and Ratepayers candidate Doug Armstrong in the C & R heartland.

2.11 – A lot of the two member wards are splitting one each to the left and right. That’s the case in North Shore (George Wood & Ann Hartley), Eden-Albert Roskill (Christine Fletcher & Cathy Casey). Penny Hulse and Sandra Coney win out west. Looking good for a centre-left majority, as we haven’t seen results from the south yet.

2.20 – Interesting results in Albany Ward, with Michael Goudie (Independent) and Wayne Walker (Putting People First) winning the council seats. I know Mr Walker through work and he’s a thoroughly decent guy. It will be interesting to see where these two vote on issues.

2.23 – Out in Howick ward the two seats go to Sharon Stewart (Independent) and Jamie Lee-Ross (Citizens and Ratepayers). I am guessing that C & R will be pretty gutted not to have won both those seats.

2.30 – The 20 councillors are: Michael Goudie, Wayne Walker, George Wood, Ann Hartley, Penny Hulse, Sandra Coney, Mike Lee, Noelene Raffills, Cathy Casey, Christine Fletcher, Cameron Brewer, Richard Northey, Jami-Lee Ross, Sharon Stewart, Penny Webster, Calum Penrose, John Walker, Des Morrison, Arthur Anae, Alf Filipaina. Plenty of independents in there, so I don’t think we really know for sure where the political balance of power will lie.

Update: Here are the details of the Mayoral results – interesting to see how utterly terribly Andrew Williams did: Even if all of Colin Craig’s votes had gone to John Banks, Len Brown would have still won. 60,000 votes is a pretty massive win.

Council Ward Results

Here are the results for Albany Ward – I can see why both the winners were fairly random, the vote got split many many many different ways. Nine candidates got between 5000 votes and the 8500 votes that Michael Goudie got. Wayne Walker is still around 1000 votes ahead of the next candidate, so I don’t think anything will change on special votes. In the Eden-Albert-Roskill ward, the four main candidates really stand head and shoulders above the rest. In the end it’s probably a fair result that one from Citizens and Ratepayers and one from City Vision got in. Christine Fletcher is potentially a candidate for deputy mayor I think. In Franklin, it was pretty much a two-horse race between Des Morrison and Dianne Glenn, with Mr Morrison pulling through by about a thousand. This is a bit unfortunate in my opinion as Ms Glenn has been a good ARC councillor over the past few years. Here are the details: In the Howick Ward there were three main contenders – independent Sharon Stewart (who I must confess I have never heard of) and the two C&R candidates: Jamie-Lee Ross and Dick Quax. Quax has missed out, although he’s not that far behind his compatriot. As I noted above, I think C&R would be disappointed here and would have been eyeing up both seats: In Manukau, there’s a clear win to Labour candidate Alf Filipaina, with Independent Arthur Anae coming in second – and therefore also getting a seat. Mr Anae used to be a National MP, so it will be interesting to see where his loyalties lie: A really tough three-into-two race in Manurewa-Papakura has result in former Manukau City mayor Sir Barry Curtis missing out on a place – in favour of Papakura Mayor Calum Penrose, and former Olympic gold medallist Sir John Walker: In Maungakiekie-Tamaki ward, former Labour MP Richard Northey has won reasonably comfortably. In the North Shore ward, we saw probably the biggest battle between high quality candidates. There were no fewer than eight current councillors (six from North Shore City, two from the ARC) and one former Mayor (George Wood) that squared off for a mere two seats. In the end we see one councillor from the centre-left (former Labour MP Ann Hartley) and one from the centre-right (George Wood). I think it’s unfortunate that Joel Cayford and Chris Darby missed out, but this was a real tough one. In the “true-blue” Orakei ward, we perhaps saw one of the most interesting results of the whole election – with Newmarket Business Association CEO Cameron Brewer beating out Citizens and Ratepayers stalwart Doug Armstrong. If there was ever a vote of no confidence in the “old boys club”, this was it: The Rodney ward result is probably the one I feel saddest about, with the ARC’s excellent Transport Chairperson Christine Rose missing out to holiday highway cheerleader Penny Webster. It seems like Christine’s vote got split by independent Tom Ashton. Another really difficult battle was out west, for seats in the Waitakere ward. I’m happy with both the winners (particularly Sandra Coney), but at the same time I’m pretty gutted that Paul Walbran has missed out – as he has been an excellent chairperson of the ARC’s Planning and Strategy Committee. In Waitemata Ward, we see the great result that Mike Lee has won the seat easily. While Tenby Powell probably split a little bit of the vote off Alex Swney, even if you add both of their vote totals together you get nowhere near the amount that Mike got. Mike is perhaps another candidate for deputy mayor – or alternatively a seat on the Transport CCO board. And finally, in the Whau Ward we see that Noelene Raffills won in a reasonably close race, just 400 votes ahead. This was not really a surprise: As I noted earlier in this post, it will be interesting to see where the independents sit on various issues – particularly those in Albany Ward and those in the south. One would imagine that the vote for Len Brown in the south was pretty strong, and therefore the councillors are likely to be expected to support him and his policies.

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  1. After the mayor i was most anticipating finding the results for waitemata (not my own electorate) and am so pleased to see Mike Lee elected, makes me almost more happy than Lens election (i assumed len would win from the get go).

    Hopefully the combination of these two means the CBD Tunnel will definatly get off the ground

  2. Looks like C&R is getting a clear message from the voters: we don’t want your politics in our council.
    Glad to see that Richard Northey has been voted in as my Councillor.

    The best thing about the Mayoral result is that Brown has such a huge majority that Banks cannot possibly come back. Even a challenge to the Papatoetoe result will mean nothing because the ward has fewer voters than the difference between the two.

  3. Looks like the new council will be good on public transport. Hopefully they are willing to increase rates to fund stuff like the CBD rail tunnell. Is John Banks still on the council?

    Also regarding the debate on the Moari seats on council how many Moari candidates got elected? If none who was the best preforming?

  4. Lets hope we get a good Deputy Mayor, so not Mike Lee. Time will tell but plenty of suitable, and respected candidates.

  5. Not sure Mike Lee would be a bad deputy – he may have a big ego, but he has also a lot of experience with positions where he’s not the sole autocrat. All speculation anyway.

    But yeah, good result for PT, and, in my opinion, for Auckland. All I really regret is the loss of Christine Rose and Chris Darby (at least he won a seat on the Devo board). Sad, but oh, well.

    Oh, and yeah: Nananananaaaah, Rodney (Hide)! Not like you and your masters thought the first Auckland Council would look like!

  6. I agree, gutted that Chris Darby missed out, but take a look at who is with him on the Takapuna/Devonport Board.
    Other then Mike Cohen and one of the A-team it’s all Shore Voice,
    Cohen is a pretty useful even if he is independant and the young guy Joseph Bergin is pretty onto it
    For transport that’ll be a local board to watch.

  7. I think it is 5 Citizens and Ratepayer candidates. About 10 left-green candidates (3 City Vision, many independent). And then about 5 right-wing independents. So it certainly won’t be a bloc voting council as ACC has been in the past.

  8. Predictable loss for both Darby and Cayford – a deliberate split of the vote on Darby’s part. Bad gamesmanship, in my opinion.

  9. Take a look at Kiwiblog and see the right wings utter venom and hatred already being directed Len Browns way. There are going to be some nasty attacks from here on in against Brown and he is going to have to be at his very best to rebuff them.

    1. I particularly like this post

      JeffW (45) Says:
      October 9th, 2010 at 3:55 pm
      Re Toad at 2:17. It would be good if you and likeminded citizens are prepared to pay for public transport – this means there would be no need for subsidies from ratepayers. I suspect, however, that what you really mean is that unlike many here, you are happy that coercion is used to force others to pay for public transport.

    2. So nice to see gracious losers… Mind you the only thing that would make most of them happy would be a fascist dictatorship.

  10. Great to see Wayne Walker get in – at least we will have an honest, industrious and intelligent voice to represent us in Rodney. I am glad to see that people have finally realised he has been the only honest councillor here who puts the ratepayers interests first.

      1. It is good to see some new blood. There are a lot of dinosaurs just elected to the council. Plenty of ex-mayors. Plenty of defeated MPs who never made much of themselves in Parliament. Amazingly, some defeated MPs who are also ex-mayors. And some people who seem to have made a career out of local government. Maybe this is all a matter of name recognition? It doesn’t look fresh to me, and I think the city could have done with some new ideas.

        Still, at least Andrew Williams has been thoroughly humiliated and the North Shore is no longer the most embarrassing place in the country.

        1. I think name recognition is a huge factor in being successful. Most people don’t give too much of a damn about local government beyond the Mayoral election.

          1. Unless I’m wrong, we have 5 ex-MPs, none of whom made Cabinet and most of whom ended their career being ranked way down their party lists. We have 5 ex-Mayors and 1 ex-Regional Chairman. Of the ones that list their ages on their election profiles or their birth dates are in Wikipedia, they’re 54, 25, 64, 65, 51, 58, 65, 68, 64, and 66. Most of the others look close to or over 60 judging by their photos. That’s a far older demographic than Parliament, and far less diverse in terms of ethnic minorities.

            I don’t see how Auckland can end up with innovative policies with a group of pensioners or near-pensioners in charge.

  11. The Whau result, sadly, was predictable despite the fact that Raffills did absolutely nothing for Avondale when she represented it on the ACC though Clow put up a reasonable fight in the absence of an endorsed City Vision candidate. The extraordinary thing about the provisional result though is the high number (2275) of blank returns; something is definitely odd there.

  12. Admin – Len has been talking up his rail plans today, it almost seems like he is specific now than he was during the campaign. Might be time to pull out and refresh some of those dream maps of yours 🙂

    1. Yeah I saw that map on the wall behind him – it looked quite familiar.

      Pretty exciting to think that we could make real progress on these projects – he really wants to take up where Sir Dove Meyer Robinson left off 30 years ago.

      1. Ah that. Hard to – follow; broken, may have been (delimited): lists, ideas, randomly named areas of government.
        Maybe: Multiple Choice list – pick one – such as: made sense?: definitely, maybe, possibly, not really.

  13. The land-grab begins. 1987 all over again – privatisation, (water) price gouging, the people suffer again.

    Can Brown, or should I say will Brown want to, curb the excesses of the coprorates
    Not that Banks would have been worse.

    This looks like a shift, 2degrees to the (corporate) left/right.

    Great rail promised – yeah right!

  14. The “pensioners-in-charge” analysis is simply due to the first-past-the-post electoral system. It mirrors the national parliamentary results we used to get under FPP and is surely something to ponder if you are thinking of ditching MMP next year.
    If we had region-wide lists where proper parties had a variety of candidates and a proper policy platform the outcome would have been much more diverse (colour and ideology-wise).

  15. “Take a look at Kiwiblog and see the right wings utter venom and hatred already being directed Len Browns way. There are going to be some nasty attacks from here on in against Brown and he is going to have to be at his very best to rebuff them.”

    Or ignore them, and get to work!

    “So did Aileen Austin… did you read her blurb in the election booklet? The most bizarre raving I’ve ever come across.”

    So hilarious. A free association candidate.

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