These three videos have been around for a while now, as they were made back in 2006. However, I think it is certainly worthwhile for me to share them (now that I have got the hang of embedding videos!) They played a big role in making me determined to do whatever I can to improve Auckland’s public transport system and reduce our auto-dependence.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

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  1. Yeah. The guy who made them – Mike Tritt – did intend to make more but he went overseas. He’s back in NZ now and plans to make some more.

    Most of the arguments I make come from those videos. They are fantastic.

  2. It makes me really keen to get politically active so we don’t become the “this is how you don’t do it” laughing stock…

  3. Yeah it makes you want to force Steven Joyce to watch those videos. Mike Tritt said that he showed them to a big group of Auckland City Council staff back in early 2007 and the response he got was fantastic.

  4. It was these videos that changed my mind on transport after my lecture showed us them last year.

    If only there was a way to get these on TV for all to see!

  5. Jarbury, if you are interested I can email you my latest lecture from Paul Mees in audio format. Very interesting things regarding the correlation between density and petrol/car use, the basic angle being that density have very little to do with fuel consumption/transport sustainability and that people are barking up the wrong tree with the idea that intesification will improve public transport and reduce automobile dependence.

  6. I don’t think part 4 was ever made. The guy who made the videos, Mike Tritt, has said that he has extra footage of his interviews with Mees, Newman, Gehl etc. that could make up a fourth video.

    He’s pretty busy at the moment fighting losing his home to the Waterview Connection though.

  7. Can anyone provide a copy of the report that was compiled in the 50’s advocating roads (motorways) over public transport? I have never seen it but understand that it was an extremely crude document showing expansive roads with few cars (in vivid colour), certainly no traffic jams, and grainy black and white photographs of trams and trains. Apparently this was the standard of the day. And the standard of today for the present government.

  8. Has anyone seen the congested streets documentary? Its about New York and has excellent examples from Copenhagen, France and London on how to minimize traffic and encourage alternative modes of transport.

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