Auckland Map with Type size same

The projects shown here are already on the way, or in place already. They include the Northern Busway, the Devonport Ferry, and the newly electrified rail network – with its higher frequency, brand new electric trains. These are the only Class A and high frequency dedicated transit routes that we will have in Auckland at this time. In fact, we’ve taken some liberties with our definition of some services above. The trains on the Onehunga Line can’t be frequent enough to qualify until the track is improved, and the Devonport Ferry does not run at ten minute cycles all day, although it does run this regularly during peak hours. The Northern Busway, although running at very high frequencies, suffers from an inconsistent degree of separation from traffic, especially once it gets to the Harbour Bridge and the city centre, but we are confident that by 2015 (or soon after) the level of bus priority will have improved especially through Fanshawe and Customs Sts.

We are also confident that these improvements, plus the others already underway or rolling out through 2013-2016 (such as integrated fares and the New Bus Network at the next layer down), will mean that more and more people will be choosing to use our nascent core network. This will justify rapid extension.

Click here for a PDF document of the 2015 Congestion Free Network.