As part of her recent visit, Janette Sadik-Khan undertook a couple of media interviews. Her chat with Kim Hill on Radio NZ was aired on Saturday and can be listened to here.

Or listen here

I believe she’ll also be on Campbell Live later tonight

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  1. Sadly in the interview Kim Hill swallowed the Auckland is not dense enough for good public transit. Can someone point out to her that Auckland had great density and layout for rapid transit solutions?

    One of the stand out comments (and something noted in the talk last Monday night) was the amount of public outreach that was carried out by nycdot. Yes they are a lot more resourced but sounds like AT need to get out and knock on doors and speak to every interest group in the very near future.

    1. It was pretty tame for a Kim hill interview. She always plays the devil’s advocate.
      Jsk had just as much to say about administration and how to get stuff done as she did about transport. It’s worth listening to.
      Next time I’d be keen for them to get someone from a city that is more similar or Auckland in scale, even like Sydney or Melbourne which is where we are heading in population size.

  2. What Auckland Transport needs is a true champion, just as JSK was for New York. Alas neither Levy or Brown, seem to be it.

    1. What Auckland needs is a true MAYOR, like Bloomberg was for NYC who will stand up and support making a change.

      As Bloomberg told JSK – if 50% of the people hate what you’re doing, then the other 50% by definition do not (they either support you or don’t care) – and on that basis you’re doing something right, so keep going.

  3. Funny that at least once a week the Herald runs an “oh my god can you believe how much this small-old-multimillion-dollar -house in the inner city sold for.” People are willingly paying 1 million over valuation to be in the inner city. So why is it so hard for NZ to grasp the rail link cost. Which will essentially make some marginalised outer suburbs as geographically attractive as the current innercity ones.Should we pay billions for the rail link or is it a waste of money? The answer is – a single family will pay millions for that kind of access to the city. Do people want that access to the city – hell yes! See housing boom. So it’s not that hard to see that the rail link is a very reasonable per household cost that gives city access to a much wider group of people at a comparatively reasonable price.

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