1. Cars are go-forward machines; that is our model for engaging with them. When they are not going forward we question their worth without considering the infrastructure which created the circumstances in which going forward is not possible. Futile honking results.

  2. I find my car very useful and not at all prison-like. It enables me to go places where I charge substantial sums of money for my time. It enables me to hitch up a trailer to take my fruit to market in the season and it’s mighty handing for the occasional trip to the airport. I would prefer it to be electric but all in good time…

      1. Agreed. Cars are useful for many things, but efficient travel in congested peak-hour roads is not one of them.

        Hence good public transport and cycling/walking amenity being an important part of a 21st-century city.

  3. If you want to taste real freedom then you need to cycle. You are always going forward at the rate you choose.

      1. Even into a southerly headwind, you’re still going faster than people stuck in their cars in stationary traffic. Getting home at the same time as always for a warm welcome and a hot shower works for me.

  4. Remember how the right whingers and The Herald carried on about how dreadful it was that the prisoners would have “fabulous harbour views” from the new prison? They even published the names of the Commissioners who made the decision on the rebuild. All lies and sloppy “journalism” and debunked on the most basic research.

  5. The obvious thing to note is that those in Mt Eden *know* they are in a prison.
    Those on the motorway would argue that they are truly free, but are they?

    This photographic oxymoron brings to mind the song “Cage of Freedom” by Jon Anderson, (from the Georgio Morodor 1980’s re-release of that 1920’s Sci-Fi Classic film “Metropolis”)

    The first verse reads:

    Cage of freedom
    That’s our prison
    Where the jailer and captive combine
    Cage of freedom
    Cast in power
    All the trappings of our own design
    Blind ambition
    Steals our reason
    We’re soon behind those invisible bars
    On the inside
    Looking outside
    To make it safer we double the guard
    Cage of freedom
    There’s no escaping
    We fabricated a world of our own….

    Could substitute the phrases “Where the jailer and captive combine” to “Where the driver and captive combine” and “Double the guard” to “Double the lanes”.

    Then it becomes a plan, a plan, so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a RoNS

  6. When I worked at Auckland City Council the board or Auckland Grammar wrote asking the Council to try and zone out the prison as they felt it to be an unsuitable neighbour for their posh school. The Chief Planner wrote back noting that the founders of the school didn’t think that when they built next to the prison in the first place.

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